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Your business is a doll? Accept this plush toys custom guidelines

by:YouRun     2020-11-09

plush toys is the first choice for many gifts, most companies will choose to own enterprise image more tailored doll, entity, company's virtual image can be converted to achieve the result of cultural publicity, brand communication, such as sina, tencent, the Internet company can customize their own doll! So whether your business has also sent a doll? This paper toy manufacturers share guidelines.

a, plush toys production process generally divided into the following steps:

design confirmation clipping pictures - — Proofing typesetting filling cotton thread needle sewing binding integer - — Packaging

2, plush toys of conventional material choice:

short plush

a new type of research and development of knitted fabrics of warp knitted velvet short plush, in-depth development, the series products of super soft velvet, super soft, flat silk, velvet, short plush series products, widely applied to clothing, bedding, shoes and hats and so on various fields.


facing, looks like fur of wool fabrics, commonly known as 'sea tiger velvet'. Front has dense wool fibers uniformly covered, suede plump smooth, rich in fat light, elastic, heat preservation performance is good.

crystal ultra soft

crystal super soft velvet hair side more exquisite, feel is better. Hair fibers density is higher, stereo sense is strong, appearance beautiful, than the original super soft, higher gloss, feel is more soft and thick, warm, smooth, fine texture, environmental protection, etc.

volume plush

majority is granulated wool, lamb fur, or hair root is bunchy top volume. Usually used to make a classic flavour toys, MAO most do 15 mm long; A lot cheaper prices relatively Shanghai curly.

three conventional, plush toys filler selection:

PP cotton

commonly known as: doll cotton, filling cotton, also known as the wadding, material as recycled polyester staple fiber, is a common synthetic chemical fiber, mainly have hollow fiber and two. Widely used in filling, clothing, bedding, toys industry. PP cotton is the most commonly used plush toys filler.

washing cotton

washing cotton is cotton as raw material, through special processing after further soft fabric surface color, luster, feel softer, and reflected somewhat in the slight wrinkle degree of the feeling of old material.

eiderdown cotton

through special process by different specifications of the superfine fiber production, because like a feather, so called down cotton, also has the most hollow called silk or cotton, the product has light, feel is exquisite, soft, good insulation, not easy deformation, not through the wire.

foam particles

bubble particle light white like snow, like pearls round, tactile, elastic, not easy to deformation and permeability is good, flow more comfortable environmental health. Usually hold pillow fillers or plush toys, use very extensive.

4, plush toys, customized technology mainly include:

screen printing, woven label, printing, embroidery, such as custom location in plush toys, woven label or tag to the end of, custom content can print qr code of company, etc.

more guide will be introduced to this. A plush toys or not, our preliminary experience in design and master playing board custom is crucial. Plush toys custom image from hand-drawn doll, doll to graphic design, and the physical proofing, every link of every process we are tough, just to ensure that each enterprise figures are lifelike, will your brand image with the most perfect posture to show in the market.

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