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You don't know the plush toys production problems

by:YouRun     2021-01-04
Now the society, in the busy and the fast pace of life, everyone's consumption demand is also changing in new ways. Such as for plush dolls. Ago, our living conditions are not, such as in the us after 90 s generation after 80 in a small, small as long as it is with a plush dolls or small animals we can be happy for a long time. But, now, we as adults, even for some children, just have a toy is not enough. We prefer if batch selling plush toys on the market, & other; New & throughout; To become the new pursuit of everyone. So this time, the plush toy attracted more people's attention. So, you need to understand is the plush toys production situation. Many people will fall in love with the one in the anime is not so distinctive character and want to make it into a plush dolls, or others to see it as a gift to make to order as a gift to send out after separately. Children for fluffy toys have an irresistible love, and many girls have a special liking to the lovely toys, the toy for gift is perfect, and if it is a custom is more meaningful. To note, however, is that many manufacturers order a toy for just this kind of situation is not acceptable. The reason is simple, the cost too is high. Order a, because even if also need to start from design to proofing and sewing processing out of step. If real calculation step by step down, even plush plush toys produced a likely will be the cost of 1000 yuan of above. So, both buyers and manufacturers, so measure after estimated will give up this choice.
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