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Will sound plush toys harm children's hearing?

by:YouRun     2021-04-07
In addition to being colorful, most educational plush toys also increase children's cognition by making some sounds. For example, some plush toys that can sing are very popular. So here comes the problem. If the sound control of the electric plush toy is not good, it is easy to cause damage to the child's hearing. Not all sound stuffed toys are safe! How should parents avoid toy noise from harming their babies? According to statistics from the National Health Center of the United States, among children aged 6 to 16, about 5.2 million children have hearing damage in at least one ear due to noise. And this kind of injury is likely to begin when the child is young, and may even begin in infancy. One of the reasons for this kind of damage: toy noise. make sounds, children will find it strange and want to explore why they make sounds, or children like this sound very much, so children often put those sound-producing plush toys close to their faces or close to their ears. If this happens for a long time, they will Expose the child to the potential danger of hearing damage. There is no way to know when this kind of toy noise starts to damage the child's hearing, and it will only be discovered when the child's hearing problem has occurred. In order to ensure the safety and sanitation of plush toys, and to protect the lives and health of children, most plush toy manufacturers are following the principle that 'the volume of toys cannot exceed 90 decibels when they are about 10 inches from the child’s ears, but they are not forced to pack the The volume level is marked on it. Experts have tested that sounds exceeding 90 decibels may cause permanent hearing damage, and some toys have sounds exceeding 100 decibels. These noisy toys include: trumpets, walkie-talkies, toy guns, Squeeze plush toys, musical instruments, toys with engines, and any toys with short and sharp sounds. So experts remind everyone that you should be vigilant about toys with sounds, not only those with alarms, but deafening toys can affect children Some ordinary sound-producing toys, such as an electronic book, will greatly exceed the safe volume if they are too close to the ear. For the harm of toy noise to children, prevention is the most important. How to prevent it, plush The toy manufacturer will give you advice tomorrow.
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