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Will soft toys make children sensitive?

by:YouRun     2021-04-04

Many parents will have this question when choosing toys for their children. Can children not play with plush toys? Do stuffed plush toys really make children sensitive and endanger their health? Of course, it’s no wonder that parents have such worries, because in real life, many children do have allergies because of playing with plush toys, but it is indeed too one-sided to say that plush toys are not suitable for children. . Now, let’s take a look at the stuff between plush toys and children for everyone! 1. Why do plush toys make children allergic? In real life, those children who have allergies after touching plush toys are mostly not because children are not suitable for playing with plush toys, but because some unscrupulous merchants use waste materials as fillers when making plush toys. Substandard waste contains a lot of bacteria and mites, and these harmful substances are the real killers of children's allergies! In addition to waste fillers, there are some unqualified plush toys on the market that are Sanwu products, which contain a lot of chemical and metal components. These harmful substances can also easily cause discomfort to children. 2. What is the best filler for plush toys? Nowadays, there is a mixture of plush toys on the market, and the fillings used are also strange. So for children, which filling is the best and the healthiest? The answer is PP cotton! PP cotton is a kind of recycled polyester staple fiber. It is not only soft and comfortable, but also has good resilience effect. It is not afraid of squeezing, is not easy to deform, and is more convenient to clean. Of course, the most important thing is that this material is environmentally friendly and healthy. 3. Can plush toys really give babies a sense of security? There has always been such a legend in the market that it is said that plush toys can give babies a sense of security, so is this statement true? In fact, for newborn babies, they are very dependent on the outside world, especially their parents. If parents can’t accompany them, you can try to buy a plush toy to accompany your child. Comfortable fluff can not only give the baby Warmth can indeed give them a certain sense of security. Well, the above is what I want to share with you, about the stuff between the plush toy and the child. After knowing this, are you willing to buy a plush toy for your baby?

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