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Will plush dolls hurt children's eyes?

by:YouRun     2021-04-06

The plush doll is easy to cause children’s respiratory diseases, the plush doll is easy to cause skin allergies in the child, the plush doll is easy to breed mites, and the plush doll is easy to breed bacteria. Following these hazard theories, another hazard about plush dolls has recently emerged, that is, plush dolls can harm children’s eyes. So, is this statement true or false? Next, the editor will introduce in detail, what kind of toys are easy to hurt children's eyes! The first type: sharp plush toys. Unlike adults, children are not so capable of predicting danger. They don’t know that sharp objects can cause damage to their bodies. Therefore, they don’t pay attention when playing with toys. To whether there is a sharp object facing your own eyes! Therefore, when choosing a plush doll, parents must carefully observe whether there are sharp objects on the doll to avoid harm to the child's eyes and body. The second type: with strong light will cause extreme discomfort and damage to the eyes after the strong light stimulates the eyes. Adults know that they can avoid strong light voluntarily, but children don't know it! So when parents choose plush doll for their children, they must avoid those dolls that emit strong light. The third type: Faded toys. Many people have the habit of rubbing their eyes. Children also have the habit of rubbing their eyes. Originally, this habit is harmless, but if a child plays with a faded toy and the pigment is attached to his hand, it will be easy to rub his eyes. Damaged! The fourth type: toy sunglasses, a plush doll with a pair of sunglasses, is it cool? However, in fact, although such a doll looks cool, it is a potential risk for children. Many children will take these toy eyes off the doll and wear them on their own eyes. This not only does not have the function of preventing ultraviolet rays, but it will also have a certain impact on the children's vision.

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