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Will children's plush toys affect children's body?

by:YouRun     2021-04-28

Nowadays, many children and even adults like plush toys because they are cute and soft, but now there are many unqualified plush toys on the market. These plush toys are harmful to people’s health. A lot of harm, especially to children. So, what harm will these inferior plush toys bring to children?

Next, the editor will analyze and explain for you.

1: Inferior plush toys are easy to cause skin diseases

Some plush toys are three-free products. The plush toys are filled with black cotton, which contains formaldehyde or other products. Toxic and harmful substances. Children are prone to tearing, coughing and erythema after contact. In severe cases, skin diseases and other problems may occur. It needs to be paid attention to. Plush toys should choose regular manufacturers. The self-produced plush toys are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. Qualified, promise to only produce guaranteed toys.

2: Inferior quality plush toys are likely to cause allergies and other problems.

The plush surface of some inferior plush toys is easy to hide dust, bacteria and formaldehyde, which will cause children to play and touch. Cause children's allergies, cause diarrhea, lung infections and other health problems. When choosing a plush toy, you can open the package to see if there is a pungent smell. The officially qualified plush toy does not have a special smell. Check the inner filling of the plush toy to determine whether the filling is safe and not inferior. Debris. In addition, parents can also choose easy-to-clean plush toys, and regularly clean and disinfect the toys, so that the baby can play at ease.

3: Inferior plush toys are likely to cause bacterial infections

Plush toys are textile toys that children directly touch the skin. The surface of the plush is easily contaminated by bacteria, dust and formaldehyde. And adsorption. Children may cause allergies and bacterial infections during play and contact, which are harmful to health and may cause respiratory inflammation and dermatitis. Parents must pay attention to choosing plush toys made of high-quality materials, and cleaning and disinfecting them in time after buying home , Pay attention to regular maintenance and cleaning daily to ensure safety.

The plush toy itself can develop the brain, exercise the hands and feet for the child, and can also play the role of accompanying the child. However, due to the material and production of inferior plush toys, the final product will have an impact on the child's body and health. Therefore, the editor recommends that when choosing plush toys, you must choose environmentally friendly, green, safe and guaranteed products, and clean and disinfect them at ordinary times, so that children can rest assured when using plush toys.

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