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Why do stuffed toys get moldy?

by:YouRun     2021-04-05

Compared with some plush toys of other materials, although plush toys are cute and beautiful, warm and soft, the price will be higher. We will naturally cherish toys bought at such a high price. However, many parents have discovered that when the plush toys are playing, small molds begin to appear on their bodies, so why are the plush toys moldy? How did the mildew on the plush toys come from? The following four points are the key! The first point: the storage method is not suitable. In many areas of our country, there will be rainy seasons and humid seasons, and such seasons are also the seasons for mold to grow. Not only the floors, walls, and desktops of the home will be moldy, Even the bed can easily get damp. We have always emphasized that plush toys should be stored in a ventilated and dry place. If you forget to find a dry place for them during the rainy season, it is natural that mildew will appear on your body. Up! The second point: Sweat stains are not cleaned in time. Many children are accustomed to sleeping with plush toys. When the children sleep, they will often sweat because of the rise in body temperature. The sweat stains on the plush toys are not cleaned in time. Over time, the plush toys When toys are damp, they are also prone to mold and mildew spots! The third point: Incomplete drying. For the health of children, many parents attach great importance to the cleaning of plush toys. From time to time, they place them in the washing machine and place them on the balcony to dry. However, many parents ignore one factor, that It is a plush toy that must be aired thoroughly, and it must be completely dry. If it is not dried, take it in. Over time, it is easy to breed mold. Fourth point: Insufficient cleaning. In addition to incomplete drying, mold will grow. If it is not cleaned, soft toys are also prone to mold, such as residues of washing liquid and stains, etc., which are also molds. Important reason.

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