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Why do plush toys give people a sense of security

by:YouRun     2021-05-02
There is a particularly famous rhesus monkey experiment in psychology. Give the little monkey two mothers, a wire mother with milk, and a plush mother without milk. The little monkey would snuggle next to his plush mother except when he was breastfeeding. Because after meeting the most basic survival needs, people still have the need to love and be loved. Skin contact can really give people a feeling of closeness and meet the needs of attachment. Why do so many people like to hold plush toys, hold them while sleeping, hold them while watching TV, hold them when they are happy, and hold them even when they are sad? The plush toy manufacturers believe that the main reason is that plush toys can give people a sense of security. Plush toys are made of soft and comfortable fabrics, as well as high-quality cotton or other soft fillings. Soft and comfortable plush toys can relax the tense spirit, allow loneliness to find a support, and relieve stress. It is said that home is always a haven for wanderers, and plush plush toys can give wanderers a motherly embrace and warmth in a foreign country. For the sake of their livelihood and family, how many people are struggling alone in a foreign country, how many children have long lacked the company of their parents, and the reality of society and life will make them feel discouraged. When facing their families, they always report good news but not bad news. . Negative energy is accumulated in the heart for a long time, and the plush toy can replace the distant relatives and give the slightest warmth; instead of the parent’s company, the child will not be afraid of the long night and sleep soundly. Even if a plush toy can give a little warmth, it cannot be completely replaced. The plush toy manufacturer hopes that every wanderer can contact his family more often, go home often, and don’t wait for the loss to regret it.
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