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Who says plush toys are not easy to take care of?

by:YouRun     2021-03-13

In real life, there are many parents who dislike plush plush toys, not because they are not good, but because in the eyes of parents, plush toys are long and easy to stain and it is particularly troublesome to take care of. Like many parents, they don’t want to keep pets, not because they don’t like them, but because their pets are not well maintained. So is it really that difficult to take care of plush plush toys? I have summarized three ways to clean up plush toys for you. In fact, this is really not a problem! 1. Is the vacuum cleaner afraid of dusty plush toys? Don’t we have a vacuum cleaner at home? Why not make good use of it? The vacuum cleaner is not only used to clean the ground, it is used to clean the dust in the plush plush toys, and its performance is also quite eye-catching. Of course, before using the vacuum cleaner to clean the plush toys, we must first ensure that the vacuum cleaner is clean. After all, plush toys are often in close contact with family members. If it is contaminated by the dirt in the vacuum cleaner, it will be bad! 2. Washing machine If you think that the plush toy is too dirty and can no longer be taken care of by a vacuum cleaner, then you might as well use our washing machine, the washing machine! The washing machine is not just a tool for washing clothes, sometimes it is also used to clean other items in the house, such as our plush toys! However, because the washing machine is more lethal, we also need to make preparations before cleaning the plush toy, such as staining the buttons or other accessories on its body to avoid being washed out. 3. Wet wipes If you think the power of the washing machine is too large and the stuffed toys will be damaged, you can also use manual cleaning. At this time, wet wipes are a good aid! Use wet wipes to clean the whole body of the plush toy, and then put it in the sun, the effect is also very good! The above are the three more practical ways to take care of plush toys, which is convenient and simple. Have you learned it?

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