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Which toys are likely to affect children's eyes?

by:YouRun     2021-04-24

Eyes are the windows of the soul, both for adults and children, they are very important. Parents do not allow their children to have too much contact with computers, iPads, and mobile phones. In addition to not wanting them to indulge in electronic devices, they also do not want to damage their children's eyes too much. So did you know that in fact, in addition to electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers, which affect children’s eyes, the toys that accompany children on a daily basis may also affect children’s eye health. Then which toys are likely to affect children’s eyes Have an impact? Now, let’s take everyone to find out! The first type: toys with sharp decorations. Many times, some decorations appear on the toy, such as buttons on clothes, hairpins on the head, glasses on the eyes, and so on. When choosing this type of toy, parents need to ensure that these ornaments are not too sharp, because children's thoughts are not as mature as adults, and their self-protection ability is relatively low. These sharp ornaments are likely to hurt Children, it is also possible to hurt the children's eyes! The second type: with strong light. Today's plush toys can not only talk but also emit light. Many parents should have bought similar toys to their children, right? Did you know that some toys that emit strong light actually affect children's eyes? The third type: Faded toys. Some poorly made toys may fade during use. If these fallen pigments accidentally get on the children's hands, they will rub them into the eyes. If so, it is also a kind of harm to the child's eyes! Fourth: Toy Sunglasses There are some sunglasses for children to play in the market, and they look cool when they wear them. In fact, such toys are also extremely bad for children’s eyes. Not only can they not withstand ultraviolet rays, It will also cause a burden to the child's vision, and over time, it will also affect the child's vision. Fifth: Shooting toys Shooting plush toys is inherently risky. If the child accidentally points the spear head at himself or his eyes, the consequences will be unimaginable!

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