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Which plush toys are suitable for children to play, and which ones must be rejected?

by:YouRun     2021-04-24

Stuffed toys are something that many children and girls like. We always hold the stuffed plush toys we like, but we also know that the materials of soft toys are divided into many kinds and many grades, so we are playing with children There are still some things to pay attention to. Below, the editor will tell you what plush toys are suitable for children to play, and which ones must be rejected. The following plush toys can be played by children: plush toys purchased through regular sales channels; parents should check whether the plush toys have serious color fading and hair loss. If not, they can be played by children. At the same time, pay attention to the labels of plush toys. Really look at the labels on them. The ones with clear words are usually produced by regular channels, while the labels with broken and illegible words are likely to come from unqualified factories. Cute, loving, and positive-looking plush toys can be played by children. If the shape is too weird and frightening, don’t play with children. This will easily affect children’s three views. The following kinds of plush toys must be rejected! 1. Soft toys with sharp points and edges should be avoided for children under 8 years old; children under 2.3 years old should avoid soft toys with small parts. Avoid using soft toys that are too small to avoid stuffing the baby's throat after being swallowed. The size of the soft toys should be 6 cm long and 3 cm wide; 3. For darts, slingshots, simulated pistols, laser guns, etc. Plush toys must be strengthened to prevent children from hurting people during use; 4. Children's plush toys must not contain toxic and dangerous chemicals; 5. Children's plush toys must be checked regularly, and there is a cracked wood surface plush For toys, the cracked or separated plush toys should be repaired in time. 6. Do not buy some plush toys that are harmful to children's physical and mental health and contain yellow content; 7. When buying plush plush toys, pay attention to whether they are easy to disinfect and wash. Animal image plush toys made of fur should not be purchased. Washing and disinfecting, easy to carry bacteria, unsanitary, not suitable for use. In addition to plush toys, I will take you to see what other plush toys you can choose for children to play. 1. Jigsaw toys: improve children's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and cultivate children's sense of accomplishment. 2. Game toys: On the basis of improving children's cognitive abilities, cultivate children's hands-on and brain skills, develop their thinking, exercise operational skills, and hand-eye coordination. 3. Numerical abacus text class: while training children's inlay ability, practice large movements, train children's fine movements, inspire children to accurately understand shapes, numbers, and quantities, and then exercise muscle flexibility. 4. Puzzle combination: cultivate children's spatial imagination ability and fine hands-on operation ability, so as to deepen the rational understanding of time, animals, vehicles, and house shapes and colors. 5. Building blocks: stimulate children's interest in hands-on, cultivate children's awareness of reasonable combination and spatial imagination. The clever drag design exercises children's walking ability. Well, the above is the content brought by the editor. To produce all kinds of cute and elf plush toys for children, the choice is to choose to go with the quality!

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