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Which plush toy factory is reliable?

by:YouRun     2021-04-24

We often encounter plush plush toys in our lives. Therefore, there are many finished plush plush toys in the market. However, there are still many toy wholesalers, individuals, companies, etc. who choose to customize plush toys. They will choose custom corporate mascots, plush doll, plush mascot plush doll. So, in Dongguan, how do we choose a plush toy manufacturer? Which one is more reliable? The editor recommends that everyone consider whether the plush toy factory is reliable from the following aspects. The image of toys must be determined first in the customization of stuffed toys. The image of toys is often a more important factor. Before customizing, you must know how to plan the design image, see how big the toy is needed, determine the style and style in advance, draw the drawings and samples, and see if it meets the production and processing requirements. The image of the toy is the foundation. If it is not considered well in the design, it is easy to cause problems in the later production and processing. In terms of the quality, presentation effect, and material cost of the finished plush toy customized by the manufacturer, the cost of the plush toy produced by different plush toy factories for the same doll is different. Strict controls have been started on the selection of plush toys to ensure that they meet the production quality and safety standards. There are technical requirements for the design method of plush toys to show the dolls in the floor plan vividly in front of the customers. Although the appearance of the doll is fixed, the design technique of the plush toy is alive. In the customization process, the designer should fully consider the difficulty of sewing the stuffed toy skin, the amount of loss of the cut pieces, and the control of the materials used under the premise of maintaining the beauty of the appearance. For this problem, we have equipped a professional design team. When customizing plush plush toys for customers, we will start from the aspects of beauty and authenticity, so that the final product can be loved by people. Toy safety issues The safety issues of toys include fabrics, fillings, accessories, and packaging of toys. In this regard, all of them strictly abide by the production standards. The editor also reminds parents/manufacturers to pay attention to the issues of accessories, packaging, labeling and identification when selecting or producing, and try to avoid the risks caused by substandard toys. In addition, manufacturers need to pay attention to toys Different countries have different standards for the testing of hazardous substances, so we must communicate with the manufacturer in time.

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