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When you encounter such a plush toy, you must never buy it!

by:YouRun     2021-03-11

For some things, we can do something or not, and for some toys, we can buy some and some can't! Take the more popular plush toys nowadays, you must not buy the following types! The first type: the hand feels bad. In the previous introduction, I have particularly emphasized the problem of the feel of plush plush toys. I told you that you can’t buy stuffed toys with a bad feel, so why can’t you buy it? There are two main reasons for this. One is because children, like adults, naturally like to feel comfortable and skin-friendly, so if the feel of plush toys is not good, they will definitely not be liked by children. If children do not like the toys they buy, what is the point? ? One is because stuffed toys with a bad feel, whether they are irritating or stinging, are not good for children’s skin. Such toys are definitely not suitable for children to buy. . The second type: A stuffed toy with a big smell will have a smell, which is understandable. No matter what it is, it will have a certain smell, but if there is a smell, there is a smell. If the smell is too big, it will be bad. You know, the big taste means that these toys may contain chemicals and harmful substances. Of course, such toys are not suitable for children to buy! The third type: bad stuffing. In recent years, we have always heard the sound of bad stuffed plush toys. In fact, the bad stuff mentioned here is often because some unscrupulous merchants use black-hearted stuffing. Of course, there will be such black-hearted merchants on the market, and there will also be some conscientious merchants. Just like us, we use healthy and environmentally friendly doll cotton, which guarantees both softness and health. The fourth type: Who buys things without meticulous workmanship, and doesn't want it to be durable and long? Plush toys are naturally the same, so when we choose plush plush toys, we must pay attention to the workmanship. If the workmanship of the toy is not good, it is definitely not worth choosing, so the toy is definitely not durable!

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