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What to do if the stuffed toy is dirty

by:YouRun     2021-03-20
Every childhood, every child, will have at least one plush toy of his own. It has a soft and smooth feel, a cute and simple appearance, and a weird and funny posture. The child has no resistance to it. Ten minutes of love, some children even Hold it when you sleep. Plush toys have a great positive effect on children. Abundant colors, changeable shapes, fabrics with different textures, etc., can exercise children's manual and brain skills, improve recognition ability, inspire brain intelligence, and stimulate potential. However, they all know that children don’t understand what is called “dirty”, and there is no concept of “dirty” in their consciousness. They do everything according to their own ideas, do whatever they want, and play whatever they want. Sometimes I throw the plush toy on the dust, sometimes I hug the plush toy directly with my greasy little hands, sometimes I accidentally pour a drink on the plush toy, various accidents are numerous. . For parents, cleaning plush plush toys is also a difficult task. I don't know how to wash it, or whether it will be damaged. Today the plush toy manufacturer teaches you how to wash it. Put an appropriate amount of detergent, disinfectant, and plush toys in a basin full of clean water and soak for 10-15 minutes, uninterruptedly turning, knead, and then squeeze out the water, refill with clean water for washing, and repeatedly inject clean water twice. Wash off the detergent, and then put it in the sun to dry. During the drying process, the plush toy needs to be patted continuously to restore the elasticity of the cotton. If you use the machine to wash, you must pay attention to two points: 1. Put the plush toy in a laundry bag or pillowcase, and wrap the sharp area; 2. The strength must be gentle, too strong, it will cause the plush toy Deformed and cannot be recovered. Reminder: Electric plush toys and oversized plush toys are not recommended to be washed with water.
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