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What styles are available for custom cat plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-17

In recent years, more and more people like to keep cats and enjoy being a shit shovel officer. As for cats, they have gradually become the first choice for people to keep pets, which has also led to cat peripheral products. For example, cat plush plush toys are liked by many people. If you want to customize the production of cat plush plush toys, what styles can you choose? The editor will introduce to you based on past cooperation cases. 01. Cartoon styles Cartoon cats have a variety of styles, the main reason is because of the popularity of cartoon animations and animation works. Often, cartoon cats in cartoons are more likely to attract consumers' attention and likes. Moreover, animation works can make cartoon cats more vivid and vivid, and convey cute, smart, docile and even smart images to people. This makes cartoon cat products that are around anime easier to be favored by consumers. 02. Simulation cats are now more and more people like simulation cat plush toys, because the use of special and suitable fabrics makes the simulation cat feel more like a real cat, and the style design is derived from the dynamic and appearance of the real cat And demeanor. At the same time, simulation cat plush plush toys are also the choice of many shit scavengers, because they think that they can use this static cat to accompany the small animals at home as their playmates. 03. Mascot modeling First of all, we will think of the lucky cat. For the Chinese, the lucky cat has a good meaning of making fortune and treasure. Many businesses like to put a few lucky cat plush toys in the store, which can be a good sign, and can also add to the store. Playful. The lucky cat made of plush cloth adds a sense of reality, and because the doll itself is soft, it has a more intimate feeling. In addition, we can also custom design cat-shaped mascot dolls. Because cats have a gentle and cute image and are also a favorite pet of many people, many companies choose to use cats as a basis for designing mascots. Combining the corporate brand image with the cat image, two-pronged approach to help brand marketing. 04. Household products and many other consumers are willing to choose cat-like household products, such as pillows, hand warmers, slippers, U-shaped pillows, mobile phone pendants and so on. Cute and clever cat images can often give people an inexplicable favor, so the use of cat images to make household items can be well integrated into our lives. The above is to bring you the style selection of cat plush toys, which are displayable, decorative, practical, and have a variety of functions to choose from. Want to customize cat plush toys? Will be your right choice!

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