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What standards should be used to measure plush toy manufacturers?

by:YouRun     2021-03-12

There has never been a shortcut to choosing a suitable and reliable partner, and the same is true for choosing a plush toy manufacturer. If you have an acquaintance to introduce a partner to you, you also need to consider the production qualification of the other party first. If there is no introduction from an acquaintance, it is necessary to more carefully evaluate whether the other's plush toy manufacturer has good production capabilities. Below, the editor will tell you what criteria should be used to measure the production strength of the other side when choosing a plush toy manufacturer. 1. An excellent plush toy manufacturer must have a professional design team. Guests come to map custom plush toys, and the design team needs to restore the height of the style in the picture and produce a sample rendering. The factory with good craftsmanship has a very high level of sample production. If you customize it through pictures, the degree of reduction of the finished product is high. Just like, we have a professional design team. In addition to providing customers with customized services with pictures, they also provide customers with design and development services, customers provide ideas, and professional designers are responsible for development and design. 2. Production technology A custom factory for plush plush toys with good production technology requires very strict requirements from the selection of fabrics, to the embroidery process, and to the level of filling. In addition, the standards for shipping are also very strict. Before shipment, the goods will be fully checked for safety to ensure that no dangerous items are left in the packaging of the goods; the packaging of the goods will also strictly comply with customer requirements. 3. Delivery time A reliable plush toy custom manufacturer will generally control the delivery time and strictly follow the construction period specified in the cooperation agreement to ensure timely delivery. Having a good contract spirit provides fundamental protection for both parties. 4. Good service quality A plush toy manufacturer with strong production capacity will definitely provide Party A with high-quality services. Before the cooperation, the process specifications of the agreement are agreed; after the cooperation, the production and communication services are in place.

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