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What should the plush toy manufacturers pay attention to during the production process?

by:YouRun     2021-04-02

The content that the editor brings to you in this issue is about the issues that need to be paid attention to in the production of plush plush toys. Plush plush toys can be generally understood as being made of plush fabrics and other textile materials as the main fabrics, with internal filling such as cotton padding, material filling, particle filling, etc. Any item pays attention to quality issues, and of course plush toys are no exception. Because plush plush toys are the playmates of many children, they are in frequent contact with their lives, which inevitably requires the plush toy factory to always pay attention to the problem of quality compliance in the actual production process. Attention should be paid to the selection of materials and the actual processing. When choosing a good material, the addition of chemical substances should be reduced during the processing to ensure the safety of plush toys. And we just follow this principle, use environmentally friendly, safe and harmless materials, and will never produce black-hearted inferior products. For the whole plush toy, the more important thing is the outer fabric and the inner stuffing. There are many choices of fabrics, such as short plush, velvet, terry cloth and so on. Regarding the choice of fabric, in addition to the customer's requirements, it will also be combined with the overall image of the doll to achieve the best effect. The overall requirement for the filling effect of plush toys is to have a full image and a soft hand; the filling must reach the required weight, and insufficient filling or unevenness is not acceptable. Pay attention to the filling of the head. The filling of the mouth must be strong, full and prominent; the filling of the corners of the toy body must not be omitted. For any toy that is customized to be a standing toy, the four-legged padding must be solid and powerful, and it must not feel soft and collapsed. For toys that sit up and down, the buttocks and waist should be filled with cotton, so you must sit firmly. Also note that the toy cannot be deformed after the cotton is filled, especially the position of the hands and feet, the angle and direction of the head; the cotton weight must be consistent with the craft list; no bursting or yarn fall is allowed after the cotton is filled. The criteria mentioned above are all working requirements of our manufacturers. In addition to the above production issues, there are also safety issues during production. During the production process, pay attention to not leave any dangerous objects such as working needles, scissors, etc. inside the doll or in the packaging bag, so as not to cause harm to the user. The above is the content for everyone, we sincerely look forward to cooperating with you!

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