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What should I pay attention to when choosing a plush toy for my baby?

by:YouRun     2021-03-14

More and more friends around me have become moms and dads. As a friend, I want to give newborn gifts to their babies. After thinking about it for a long time, I decided to send a plush toy. Because dolls can be children's playmates, being able to hold them to sleep, or accompany them to play, feels like a good choice. However, there is a problem first, what should we pay attention to when choosing stuffed toys for babies? How to choose? Here are some suggestions for everyone: 1. Choose the right doll image baby stage, the difference between men and women will not be too big, but there will still be a certain difference in the love of dolls. And choosing the right doll image correctly can also play a guiding role. Animals such as puppies, pigs, elephants, rabbits, bears, etc. that don’t have too many decorations are suitable for both male and female babies. The more masculine dolls such as Superman, racing car, and little monkey wearing a cowboy hat will be more suitable for male babies; dolls like wearers with bows and small skirts will be more suitable for female babies. 2. Observe the appearance of the plush toy. After selecting the image, observe the appearance of the toy. Check whether the head is round, full, and soft and hard. The position of the nose should be roughly centered and not skewed. The position of the ears and nose should be arranged symmetrically, and there should be no obvious height. The position of the mouth and tongue should be aligned with the position of the nose and should not be offset. The limbs should be symmetrical in thickness and appropriate in length. If there are no problems in the above inspections, the primary selection is qualified. 3. Feel the fabrics of plush plush toys. Plush toys should not shed hair, show the bottom, have no moth, no mold, no color difference. Some inferior plush plush toys will use poorer fabrics, which will affect the baby's health in serious cases. Like the production of plush toys, they choose qualified, environmentally friendly, and harmless regular fabrics, which normally will not cause harm to the baby. 4. Check the small parts on the toy. The problem of unremovable small parts of some products not up to the standard pull is also very common. Non-detachable small parts generally refer to small parts such as eyes and nose fixed on plush (cloth) toys. The small parts of this product are easy to fall off, and children may cause choking and other hazards if they accidentally eat them. Remind everyone that ordinary plush toys are not within the scope of compulsory certification. When buying plush toys, try to pull the eyes, buttons and other small parts of plush toys to see if they are loose and avoid being swallowed by children. The above is the content that the editor brings to you, I hope everyone can choose qualified plush toys for your baby! Source:

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