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What should I do if the stuffed toy has a musty smell?

by:YouRun     2021-03-24

When it comes to moldy smell, perhaps the first thing many people think of is moldy food. In fact, it's not just food that will mold. If our stuffed toys are not stored properly, they will also get moldy. So the question is, what should I do if the stuffed toy has a musty smell? How to eliminate the musty smell of plush plush toys? If your stuffed toy has a musty smell, you might as well try this method recommended to you! The first step: we need to prepare a basin of clean water. The size of the basin and the amount of water are determined according to the size of the plush toy. The basin must fit the plush toy, and the amount of water must be enough to soak the plush toy. . Step 2: Add appropriate amount of white vinegar and milk to the clean water. Same as the above, the amount is determined according to the size of the stuffed toy. For a washbasin, two spoons of white vinegar and half a bag of milk are enough. Step 3: Soak the plush toy in the basin and press it with water until the plush toy is completely wet. The wet plush toy will sink. We place it in the basin and soak it for about ten minutes. During the soaking process, the white vinegar and milk will absorb the musty smell from the toy. Step 4: Find a softer brush, and gently brush on the surface of the plush toy. This will remove the dust and mites from the toy. It should be noted here that if you encounter a place with decorations , The movement needs to be gentler to avoid damaging the decorations. Step 5: Pour out the water in the basin, replace it with clean water, and place the plush toy in it for cleaning. Repeat this process until the water in the basin is no longer turbid or foamy. Step 6: If the size allows, you can put the plush toy in the washing machine for dehydration, if the size does not allow, you can only manually squeeze the water out of the plush toy, and then put it on the balcony to dry. Of course, the plush toy that has been taken off from the washing machine may be deformed. Before drying, we need to reshape it manually to avoid the internal filling from becoming hardened. The above is the method for you to remove the musty smell of plush plush toys. Have you learned the simple six-step operation?

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