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What should I do if the baby doesn't like plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-30
Every child’s childhood will be accompanied by a variety of toys, plush toys are also less than grams, but many parents only know that cute plush toys can only be played, but they don’t know that they may affect the child’s psychology and physiology. Great influence. Maybe it's because the attributes of different plush toys are different. No matter how high-quality some plush toys are, but the baby doesn't like it, that can't be helped. Babies have just arrived in this world, and they are full of curiosity and freshness in this world. They need to explore the world little by little and get familiar with it. 1. The plush toys you buy for your baby must be conducive to the child's all-round development. In fact, plush toys are not only plush plush toys, but all aspects of the baby's qualities can also be developed in toy games. are the material basis of children's games and have a guiding function-in this sense, what kind of toys a child uses, what kind of game (activity) he plays, and what qualities he develops. Each kind of plush toy has its specific 'developmental function'. For example, some intellectual toys are mainly used to develop children's intelligence, and sports toys are mainly used to enhance baby's physical fitness and so on. Therefore, in order to promote the comprehensive and healthy development of children, we must purchase toys with various 'developmental functions' for children in accordance with the 'all-round development principle' to better promote the all-round development of children's body and mind. Therefore, we suggest that when buying stuffed toys for children, don’t be restricted by the “gender” classification of stuffed toys. Under normal circumstances, we will buy guns, cars, cannons, swords, etc. for boys, and buy for girls. It is often rag dolls, small animals, etc. In fact, this is not the case, and children should be guided to play with various toys. 2. Don't buy too many toys for your children. In many cases, many parents have some misunderstandings in their ideas, thinking that the more types of toys, the better for the development of their children. Therefore, I am willing to invest in toys, as long as the child likes it. However, studies have shown that children are not suitable to have too many toys at the same time. With too many toys, children are easy to develop sloppy, inattentive, unstable, inattentive and meticulous habits, and bad characters such as loving the new and disgusting the old. At the same time, they also They will develop a habit of waste, do not know how to cherish toys, and get new ones if they are broken at will. In severe cases, children will develop a 'disruptive addiction' to toys. On the contrary, if there are appropriately few toys, children can learn to concentrate. At the same time, it is helpful for children to study new ways of playing with old toys and to fully explore the potential educational functions of toys. In addition, children can also work hard to create toys they want. Conducive to the development of children's abilities, especially creativity.
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