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What should a wholesaler pay attention to when looking for a plush toy manufacturer to cooperate

by:YouRun     2021-04-11

Stuffed plush toys can be seen everywhere in our lives, such as gifts, collectibles, home decorations, car decorations, toys, etc. Faced with such multi-purpose plush toys, many wholesalers have begun to seek new businesses to explore various economical plush toy products. So, what should a wholesaler pay attention to when looking for a plush toy manufacturer? 1. Put forward the demand. If the wholesaler has special needs for the plush toys customized by himself, this can be the material selection or the requirements of the appearance craftsmanship. It is necessary to communicate with the planning and production personnel in time when making the order. Plush toy products that meet your own needs. Second, choose a manufacturer of plush toy customization, of course, you must choose a good plush toy manufacturer. Although there are many manufacturers of plush toys on the market, from the perspective of their own production planning, equipment conditions, production technology and strength, in fact, they still have different requirements at the time of selection. It is necessary to be optimistic about the manufacturer's self-planning and conditions, whether it meets the production and processing specifications, and whether the quality of the plush toys supplied by it is guaranteed, so that suitable toy products can be selected. From the perspective of the popularity of plush toy manufacturers, choosing a high-quality manufacturer like Dongguan City Co., Ltd. is more secure. If you customize and wholesale a batch of plush toys or electric toy products, once you find a problem, you can find the toy manufacturer to take responsibility, and you don’t have to worry about the manufacturer running away. For their own benefit, everyone must choose a well-known and trustworthy brand. With its good reputation and strong production strength, it has won the trust of the industry and corporate customers by virtue of its own strength. 3. The wholesale prices of plush toy manufacturers with different customized prices are different. The price of customized plush toys will be relatively cheap. If you customize a large quantity, the total price will be more favorable. For custom wholesale plush plush toys, you must choose a reliable manufacturer for long-term cooperation, while also ensuring that the price is more cost-effective. At the same time, the editor will tell you about the factors that affect the customized price of plush toys. The customized price of plush plush toys mainly depends on: 1. The starting quantity of the order and the specifications of plush toys. If the quantity is large, the customized price will generally be much cheaper. 2. Whether you need special production and the choice of fabric. Your project budget will depend on your fabric choice and some special production, such as: character design and pattern complexity, toy size, choice of fabric, and some details (embroidery, printing) , Plastic parts, etc.). Finally, labels and packaging must be considered. Generally, the price for special production is small and expensive, but manufacturers with large quantities also have corresponding discounts.

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