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What problems should be paid attention to when cleaning plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-16

The plush plush toys covered in fluffy, soft Q-balls are cute, cute, and innocent. They are not only loved by children, but also won by many parents. But love goes to love. As time goes by, hairy Plush toys have also brought problems to many parents. After all, they are objects that are often in close contact with their children. You must pay attention to hygiene issues. But how do you clean stuffed plush toys? Now, let me tell you what problems should be paid attention to in the process of cleaning plush toys! 1. Machine wash or hand wash? The simplest cleaning method we can think of is to throw it into the washing machine, close the door, set the mode, press the start button, and the washing machine will be able to help us wash the clothes in one go. All the dirt on the stuffed toy has been cleaned up! But is it really that simple to clean plush toys? the answer is negative! Although machine washing is a good way, first of all, we have to figure out a question, whether the plush toy you buy can be machine washed! It is not difficult to judge this problem. Generally speaking, the label of plush toys will explain the way of washing, whether it can be machine washed, you will understand at a glance! 2. Wet cleaning or dry cleaning? In addition to figuring out whether it can be machine washed, we also need to figure out whether the plush toy you buy can be wet washed. Some plush toys are very precious and cannot be wetted. When encountering such plush toys, we can only use wet tissues to wipe them symbolically. 3. High temperature or low temperature? In addition to paying attention to machine hand washing, wet washing and dry cleaning, the water temperature requirements for cleaning plush toys are also very strict. Improper water temperature will not only cause the plush toys to shrink, but also may cause discoloration and deformation. Before putting stuffed toys, we must check the appropriate water temperature on the label. 4. If the plush toy has only one color all over the body of the same color or different color, it is very convenient, just wash it directly. But if the plush toys have more than one color, and there are dark and light colors, at this time, we need to disassemble them and wash them separately when allowed, otherwise, there may be color cross-talk risk. 5. Neutral washing liquid. For ordinary toys, plush toys are prone to residues of washing liquid because they have more fluff. If the baby at home is more sensitive, remember to use mild and neutral ones. Washing liquid to avoid bad effects on the baby.

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