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What problems should be paid attention to when choosing plush toys for babies? These points

by:YouRun     2021-04-30

When many parents choose plush toys for their babies, they only simply model whether the child will like it and whether the price is in line with the principle of cost-effectiveness. They do not know that there is a certain degree of particularity in choosing plush toys for their babies. Below, I will bring you the precautions for choosing plush toys for your baby. These principles are really critical! The first point: Are there burrs around the plush? Many people admire the skin of a newborn baby, which is smooth and elastic. As everyone knows, although the skin of a newborn baby is good, it is also very fragile, not only prone to allergies, but also easy to be injured. Therefore, when we choose a plush toy for a baby, we must feel the fluff of the toy and see if there are burrs around it, so as to prevent the baby from being injured when it comes in contact with it. The second point: Are the various small accessories firm? In order to make plush toys look more realistic and lifelike, many plush toys will have various decorations on their bodies, such as noses and eyes on their faces; buttons on clothes; hair on their hair. Folder and so on. When we choose plush toys for babies, we also need to pay attention to the decorations on the toys to see if they are firmly installed. If it is not strong enough, you must never choose! Because many babies like to pick things, if these small hard objects are picked off by them and stuffed into their mouths, the consequences will be serious! The third point: Is the stitching complete? One of the great features of plush toys is that they have a lot of stuffing inside. Normally, because there are stitches on the outside, we will not directly touch these stuffings, but many stuffed toys are not well made. , There will be incomplete sutures, so the baby can pull out the filling from these incomplete places. You should know that many cheap plush plush toys use waste materials as filling materials, and these waste materials are full of mites, bacteria and harmful substances. Once they are eaten by the baby, it is very dangerous!

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