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What problems need to be checked when the plush toy factory is shipped

by:YouRun     2021-04-03

A complete plush toy needs to be designed, developed, sampled, produced, shipped, and sold. Everyone may think that the production process is the most important. However, every step of the process cannot be missed. Today, the editor will tell you what are the issues that need to be paid attention to and checked for the delivery of plush toys? First of all, before the plush toys are shipped, we need to check the safety of the plush toys. Let's take a look at the safety standards. Safety standards for fur-made toys: 1. The safety of plush toys must be highly valued by relevant personnel. ①Hand-made needles must be placed on the fixed soft bag, and it is strictly forbidden to directly insert them on the plush toy, so that people can leave the needle and pull out; ②If the needle is broken, you must find another needle and then report the two needles. The supervisor of the workshop team, in exchange for a new needle, must search for the toy with a broken needle; ③Each hand can only send one working needle. All steel tools should be placed uniformly, not arbitrarily. At the same time, all steel tools must be checked every time after get off work; ④Use the steel brush for bristles correctly. After brushing, you should touch the bristles with your hands to check whether Dangerous goods remain. 2. The accessories of the toy, including eyes, nose, buttons, ribbons, bow ties, etc., may be dangerous because they are not firmly dropped or torn off. For example, if a child accidentally eats, all accessories must be fastened tightly and conform to the tensile force. The next process can only be carried out if required. ①The eyes and nose must withstand the tension of 21LBS; ②The ribbons, flowers, and buttons must withstand the tension of 4LBS; ③Quality inspectors must often test the tension of the above accessories, find problems, and solve them in time with the supervisor; 3. Adhesives for all packaging toys The bag must be printed with a warning and punched at the bottom to prevent children from putting on their heads. 4. All filaments and meshes must have warnings and age signs. 5. All the fabrics and accessories of the toys must not contain toxic chemicals to avoid the danger of children's tongue licking; 6. There must be no scissors, drill bits and other metal objects left in the packing box; 7. All toys must pass through probes before packaging Machine detection to prevent any fine needles remaining in the body of the plush toy. The above is the safety standards for wool toys compiled by the editor. All are strictly implemented in accordance with production safety standards before shipment. In addition to the above necessary safety standards, the staff also needs to count the quantity of the goods and check whether the packaging of the goods is implemented in accordance with the requirements specified by the customer. Alright, the above is the entire content, more exciting content will be updated one after another!

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