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What plush toys should be placed for the New Year?

by:YouRun     2021-04-08

In order to welcome the New Year, in addition to the necessary cleaning, many friends put some festive plush toys at home to add some festive color to the home. So, what plush toys will be more suitable for the New Year? Today, the editor will give you an introduction. Many friends should know that the coming year will be the Year of the Ox. Of course, the first choice is to buy a few calves for the family. 2021 is the traditional Chinese zodiac year of the ox. Red is a very bright color, heralding the coming of good things. Some zodiac ox dolls will have the word 'Fu' printed on them, which will bring you all the good things and wish you good health, family happiness, good luck, big money and so on. In the year of the ox, herding ox and ox, implying bullishness, the ox turns the world. Plush toys of various sizes and shapes should have been put on shelves in the mall, and everyone can go to the mall to choose their favorite. We have already received a lot of production orders for the Chinese zodiac mascots, and we are producing them in a hurry. It is a professional plush toy manufacturer with a certain production scale that can meet the production needs of most corporate customers. In addition to oxen, since it is the New Year, you can choose a plush Chinese knot pendant. The Chinese knot represents unity, happiness and peace, and can add some good wishes to the New Year. You can also choose plush doll with auspicious images such as God of Wealth and Lucky Cat. These are all plush toys that are very suitable for the New Year. Not only at home, but companies, shops, restaurants and other places are also suitable for placing these dolls with good wishes. Customers will feel comfortable when they see them in the store. In addition to regular-sized plush plush toys, many orders for small pendants of the Chinese zodiac are also received. There will be some small accessories on the dolls, such as bell collars, ropes and suction cups, which are fast and easy to hang. They can all be used for souvenirs, key pendants and so on. There are also prosperous pillows that are also a good choice, placed on the sofa or bed. And the pillow can be used at any time. You can hold the pillow when you watch TV during leisure time, and you can sleep comfortably when you are resting at night. Isn't it a good choice? Well, the above is the introduction of the editor, thanks for reading!

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