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What methods are there to judge whether a plush toy is good?

by:YouRun     2021-04-23

Although plush plush toys are just toys, they need to be extra careful when choosing them. Don't think that only when you judge the quality of clothes will you consider the material, the touch, and the materials. In fact, there are many factors that need to be considered when judging the quality of a plush toy. Now, let me tell you how to judge the quality of a plush toy! 1. Touching the quality of a plush toy is not about the shape! First of all, we have to look at the feel of this plush toy. Hold the plush toy in your hand and touch it more to see if it feels well, and to see if there is any skin discomfort or tingling sensation. If it is soft and comfortable, and there is no obvious tingling or allergic sensation, then this plush toy has passed this factor. 2. Gently pull. Generally speaking, out of our love for plush toys, we certainly will not pull it at every turn. However, parents will not, but children may not, so we are judging whether a plush toy is good or bad. At the same time, you also need to gently try to pull the toy. If the pull does not cause too much impact on the toy, then it is a pass. If there is hair loss or the accessories are pulled down, then the toy It should not be worth buying! 3, grasping and pinching Actually, the reason why plush plush toys are popular is that they have a good feel, and they are soft and comfortable to pinch. Of course, the plush toy is comfortable to pinch because of the stuffing inside, and the quality of the stuffing directly determines the quality of the plush toy. Generally speaking, when we judge a plush toy, we need to grasp it. If the inside is better PP cotton or PP vacuum cotton, then it will not only feel good, but also rebound faster. 4. Smell In addition to the above three methods, we can also smell this plush toy. Generally speaking, if the material is more environmentally friendly, there will be no peculiar smell or pungent smell.

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