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What kind of toy is children's first teacher?

by:YouRun     2020-11-14

what kind of toy is children's first teacher? Children's toys is indispensable, but which toys can have a helpful role on the child's character enlightenment, which is of no effect, these many mothers all don't know. Actually not all toys have enlightenment role, so the parents want to selectively, today we're going to give you parents say a matter of choice for children toys.

what kind of toy is children's first teacher?

toys inspire children born of the desire of exploration and growth, establishing a learning environment, create activities and explore space, help children maximize their potential. The right choice to give children to create learning opportunities, its effects will last the child's life.

yes, plush toys are not only for entertainment, a selection of toys is a good first teacher! Parents and children play together and proper guidance, can let the children play in the process, help them to complete understanding knowledge, build relationships, rules, self-reliance and the establishment of self-consciousness of the process.

now, we want to and parents from infancy, early childhood, preschool age three phases, talk about how to use the right plush toys help children to form the right concepts, in order to make enlightenment education.

1, infancy ( 0 - 12 months)

a baby in like the speed of light, the growth of the brain from the eighth week pregnancy, fetal cerebral cortex begin to generate, birth, most brain nerve cells have split forming, a total of 14 billion nerve cells, the stimulation of the outside world more frequent and more intense, the faster the speed of the development of nerve cells. And baby birth is helpless, and they can't change the surrounding environment, they depend on us to change. Because of the little baby is very attentive, need a lot of encouragement and stimulation, the baby early infant physical development ( 0 - 2 months) Mid, baby, 3 - 6 months) Late, baby, 7 - 12 months) , nerve ( Brain weight) 350 g 600 g800g nerve ( Directional reflection) 2 - 3 months began to pay attention to the person's face, attention is less than one year of age 15 seconds.

so, vivid colors, soft music and light can stimulate the baby's development very well and attract the attention of it.

2, early childhood, 1 years old - 3 years of age)

this stage of the children of the world is full of curiosity, so make sure you have a lot of can touch, feel, and it is for toddlers can completely enough to stuff. When children 18 months or so to a toddler, you can teach children to establish awareness of shape graphics digital color and so on, here is a very important concept in mathematics.

3, education on preschool children hints ( 3 - 6 years old)

for children at this stage you must encourage him to develop a sense of independence and preschool cognitive enlightenment, such as: the story of preschool children's songs, English, etc. Take intelligent education beautiful sheep sheep, for instance, can tell a story, encyclopedic knowledge, such as English, tongue twisters 13 big functions. To master the knowledge and skills, the baby at the early stages of the kindergarten life will be smooth.

in the game, children continue to experience success and failure, freedom and rules, the process and results, to meet the fun of playing at the same time, enrich the connotation of his personality. But there are different types of toys and function, the type of toy is different, have different impact on children and role, didn't go to school for a child, toys are their books. Child to know the world through toys.

as a result, in order to let the child can grow up healthily in the game, parents should reasonably select toys, according to the education effect of toys can produce toys in our company can be classified as:

( 1) Preschool education plush toys:

( 2) Educational toys:

( 3) Entertainment toys:

( 4) Smart APP toys:

toys and education are very important, toys focus on children's growth of enlightenment and r&d taught a group of educational toys, let every child can grow during harvest happiness, happy growth!

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