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What kind of stuffed toy should I choose for my child?

by:YouRun     2021-05-01
In order to create a safe and educational environment for children to grow up, parents have tried their best, especially when it comes to choosing plush toys. There are all kinds of worries. Today, plush toys give you some advice. When choosing a plush toy, remember to pay attention to the following points: [Safety first] When choosing a plush toy, you must put safety first, mainly as follows Aspects: 1. Use sensory comfort (color, feel, smell, etc.) to judge whether the raw materials of the toy are suitable, such as paint, paint, raw materials, fillings, etc., and whether they meet national safety standards; 2. Check eyes and other small accessories , Whether there are sharp edges or corners, whether it is easy to be bitten or broken by children; 3. Whether the plush toys are easy to shed hair, which will cause respiratory tract allergies and skin diseases; 4. Check whether the small parts are firm to avoid mistakes Accidents of swallowing; 5. For stuffed toys with electronic equipment, check whether the battery cover is firm and whether the screws fixing the cover are safe. [Appropriate age] The development of a child is different at each stage, so choosing a plush toy should not only be suitable for the age, but also conform to the law of the development of the child's ability. For example, a baby within one year of age can choose a plush toy that can make sounds and emit light. Rattles are a good choice. Soft and cute plush plush toys are the first choice for children over one year old. Not only can they be used as toys, but they can also be used for role-playing games; then, for children over three years old, parents can develop brains and puzzles With the plush toys, children can not only gain sensory experience from them, but also exercise various abilities such as thinking and imagination. [Environmental protection materials] This should also be regarded as part of 'safety first'. Because children are young, everything in this world is very curious. It is their usual way to use all kinds of senses to feel, and to put plush toys in their mouths to taste them is their usual way. So when it comes to the choice of toys, environmentally friendly materials are the key. The selection principle is: the material must be environmentally friendly and non-toxic. [Hobbies] Although the parents choose to buy stuffed toys, the children who play with them are still children. Therefore, when buying, you must respect the children's hobbies and do what they like, so that the children will like it from the heart and play. Only in this way can we fully develop children's creativity and imagination. For children, learning is everywhere, even if it is the simplest building block that mother thinks, they can learn knowledge in the process of playing. [Close to life] To be entertaining and close to life should be a purpose for parents to choose toys. For example, when the child sees his mother busy in the kitchen cooking and cooking, he also wants to have a cooking tool so that he can prepare food for everyone like his mother. At the same time, the child not only learns every tool Use, and also know some cooking common sense, as the age matures, mothers can let go and ask their children to prepare dinner for everyone. This can slowly guide children to be independent and learn various life skills.
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