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What is the role of plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-03-19
Soft toys are children’s angels. Bright colors, strange shapes, dexterous activities, and pleasant sounds all attract children's curiosity and attention. The image design of plush toys mostly comes from life, from cartoons and animations, which can satisfy the desire of children to use their brains, manipulate and tinker. Plush plush toys can arouse children's curiosity, stimulate children's interest in playing games, and guide children to learn. They are an indispensable little partner in their childhood. 1. Plush toys can mobilize children's enthusiasm. The physical and mental development of children is realized in activities. can be freely manipulated, manipulated and used for children, which conform to the children's psychological hobby and ability level. It can meet their needs for activities and increase their enthusiasm for activities. 2. Plush toys enhance children's perceptual understanding. Plush toys have an intuitive image. Children can touch, hold, listen, blow, watch, etc., which are conducive to the training of various senses. For example, different colors of plush toys are conducive to visual training; plush toys with sound can train hearing; different textures of different fabrics can exercise touch feeling; 3. plush toys cause association activities. Use plush toys to play house games , Simulating various social environments and atmospheres can arouse children's association and cognition of society, encourage children to develop creative role games, and cultivate depth of thinking, flexibility and agility. 4. Exercise children's thinking and imagination. Children need to express themselves through other activities of hands or body. Some small parts of some soft toys are movable, such as accessories such as clothes and hats. When a child wants to take off or put on a soft toy, he must use his hands as well as his brain. In this process, they may encounter some small difficulties. These difficulties require them to rely on their own strength to overcome and persist in completing the tasks, thus cultivating the excellent quality of overcoming difficulties and working hard. 5. Conducive to cultivating group concept and spirit of cooperation. When using plush toys to play role-playing games, it is necessary for multiple people to cooperate. This can help children understand the learning and life experience, practice and cooperate with peers, adjust each other's actions, and enhance the collective concept.
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