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What is the plush toys custom design process?

by:YouRun     2020-10-30

traditional plush toys manufacturer also only stay in OEM stage, want to have more market and more market influence, also have to build your own toy brand. In 2006 with the collapse of many OEM toys manufacturer, labor costs rise, grasped the nettle and took to the road of the brand, created the brand 'toy', is one of the few that truly intelligent toy enterprise with independent brand. Keep a lot of money on products research and development and design, has produced a variety of intelligent toys, electric toys, educational toys, plush toys, children's toys products, such as advanced functionality, product quality is good, green environmental protection, let the children can have a good time, also can learn more knowledge. custom plush toys design become more and more popular now, custom exclusive appearance and function, then introduce everyone to design process.

a: design process

1: model collection

to all sorts of animation cartoon and toys in the shape of a collection, extract valuable information, and then give the bold imagination of creative and personalized, and record these design ideas.

2: information concentration

according to the design concept, and then screening of these solutions, and choose the good design to modify them. To determine the design measure of various factors from different angles, measurement of various factors, and to determine the final plan after consideration.

3: design renderings

design renderings for design is a kind of very good expression, it needs to be in colour. Only in this way can we give expression to our concept, so as to achieve excellent design effect.

4: stereoscopic film drawing

this is a very effective method of simple, need only black and white. It is converting 2 d concept to simplify the complex process, of the concept of three dimensional is said to be cut and sew all of the formation of the line.

5: use material cutting drawing

plush toys out similar to garment cutting, but plush toys out more regularly, plush toys out is also changing. Each suit cut pieces determines the shape of 3 d animal, to determine the quality of the design shape, in the design is complicated and tedious.

6: design of sample preparation

this process and arguably after repeated revision and trial production, to design the design effect of rendering process, of course, the same and design effect, even more than the effect of the design.

7: to determine the cutting piece

after trial production, identify and besmear brushs cuttings with good effect, including materials, color, plush, etc.

design from scratch, need stylist to very strong reading and rich experience, especially corporate mascot design customization, through the understanding of enterprise culture, peculiar characteristics, industry, enterprise status quo and want to transfer the ideas, and so on, need a lot of research and communication, through professional production technology and rich experience, to customer satisfaction of design products, games mascot, corporate mascot, all kinds of intelligent toys, educational toys, film and television animation toys custom design, optimizing 'intelligent toy brands', the 20th anniversary of the activity to wait for you to attend.

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