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What is the greatest benefit of educational toys for children?

by:YouRun     2020-11-13

educational plush toys as the name implies: the development of intelligence, wisdom, can be divided into two major categories of children and adults. Most of children's educational toys for children aged 3 to develop design, help to develop, improve baby's hand, eye, ear, and body coordination, thus improve the intelligence. The intelligent toy manufacturers to analysis is the main benefit of educational toys for children?

1, the development intelligence

technically, educational plush toys should be divided into children's educational toys and adult educational toys, although the boundaries between the two is not very obvious, but it should be. The so-called educational toys, children's classes or into a human, just as its name implies is ok let's play in the process of the development of intelligence toys wisdom. Educational toys really have the function of the puzzle? According to the Royal Academy of sciences study found that people often play educational toys, than those who do not play around 11 points above the average IQ. Open the brain thinking ability is higher; American medical experts also found that 50 years before people started to play the adult educational toys for alzheimer's disease incidence is only 32% of the general population, and the one who grew up playing educational toys incidence is less than 1% of incidence in the general population.

2, stimulating each organ reaction

in fact, in addition to the development of intelligence, educational toys and more features. Such as stimulation function development, design of bright-coloured color, line is attractive educational toys can stimulate children's visual; Touch touch can make all kinds of sound 'enlightenment beautiful sheep sheep' can stimulate the child's hearing, all-round improve children intelligence, hands-on, cognition, learning and reaction capability. Thus, different educational toys is an effective tool to assist children to know the world, help them to cooperate with the reaction of the various senses, to contact and cognitive novel things.

3, language training

children at play, from time to time to the toys that followed have resigned, and toys & quot; Speak & quot; 。 Don't look down upon this kind of communication mode, it offers opportunities for the children use language to express meaning. At this point, if you can participate as a parent, and children play together, not only can cause him to talk more, can also be there to guide and he denoted and presentation skills, strengthen his ability to master the language use.

4, show emotion

have you found the child repeatedly frustrated, angry, will break the toys, flap or refers to scold, this is the face of children express discontent. In the real world, children can't literally to abreact mood, then become a substitute for toys. Children need channel to vent emotions, like adults, otherwise, will form the depression of mental illness, which can affect the health of children

5, coordinating body

in addition, educational toys also have the function of the coordination of the body, such as child will be a box of lego bricks out of graphics, in addition to the brain, must have the hand to cooperate, so through the play educational toys, training and gradually establish a child's hands and feet coordination, hand-eye coordination and other body functions; Have the function of the social practice activities, the child was playing with their peers or parents in the process of educational toys, unconsciously in the development of their social relationships, even if they are prone to quarrel or difficult in cooperation or competition, in fact they are developing psychological spirit of cooperation and learn to share, to lay the foundation for the future into society. At the same time, language ability, emotional release, beginning ability must be improved.

is the main benefit of educational toys for children? In the process of play educational plush toys, children can learn the methods to solve the problem, perserve, also can use these methods to the life and study, this is the biggest benefit of educational toys.

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