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What is the fabric of the plush toy?

by:YouRun     2021-03-27
Plush toys have long been deeply related to our lives. Both adults and children, boys and girls, like plush doll, even holding them to sleep at night. Sleeping with the fluffy toy, the babies seem to sleep very sweetly, and the mothers are also very relieved. However, for babies with sensitive skin and prone to allergies, this enjoyment requires mothers to be more vigilant. This kind of long-term contact poses a greater safety hazard. When the baby sleeps peacefully with a plush toy When, in fact, what he was holding was a mass of mites! Some people may ask, why do you say this? Because the fabrics, fillings and other raw materials of plush toys are paradise for the survival of mites! Everyone should know that mites like to live in humid and warm places. Plush toys have a strong adsorption of moisture, and their own raw materials are poor conductors of heat. In addition, babies have high body temperatures and are prone to sweating. , The baby’s sweat, snot and saliva stick to the plush toys to form a unique environment of high temperature and humidity for breeding mites. Therefore, plush plush toys, like beds, carpets, and cloth sofas, are the hardest hit areas for mites! Moreover, because babies like plush toys very much, they often hold them, and their bodies are in close contact with them, so they are more threatened by the mites. So, how do we prevent the mites lurking in the plush toys? For people who are allergic to mites, the easiest and most direct way is not to use plush toys, but for those who are lovers of plush plush toys, this is indeed a bit cruel, but there are many ways to remove mites, which can satisfy this type of People's wish. To get rid of the mites in the plush toys, you can regularly put the plush toys in a black bag, seal the mouth of the bag, and expose to the sun for at least 1 hour. Due to the high temperature, the air is not flowing, and the mites are Adults will die if they cannot breathe. It is best to vacuum again after drying. In this way, the adults of the mites can basically be removed, but the eggs of the mites may still remain. Generally, the adults of the mites have a 14-day cycle. It is recommended to wash them thoroughly after 15 days and add disinfectant. Recommended reading: How to clean plush toys
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