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What is the difference between plush toys and other toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-19

In the dark room, the 1-year-old baby woke up and groaned a few times, and the mother beside her woke up instantly, wondering if there was a party in the middle of the night again? Hurrying to shove a plush brown bear, the baby turned over with his arms around the plush brown bear, and fell asleep again with a smile on his face. My mother almost laughed, thinking that she had discovered the artifact in the middle of the night? One day in the supermarket, I saw a little boy who was about 3 years old. He was probably lost, crying and calling his father. The crying attracted the attention of others and the waiter. Strangely, the little boy suddenly stopped crying. Huh? It turned out that the little boy walked to the plush toy shelf and stretched out his hand to stroke a plush goat, how soft and comfortable, the child completely forgot about his father, because he had only the plush goat in his eyes at the moment. Early in the morning, a mother was amused by the sleeping face of her 4-year-old daughter. She saw the daughter who slept alone tucked the newly bought huge plush puppy under her crotch, her right hand was wrapped around the plush puppy’s neck, and her left hand was tight. Sleeping with the ears of the plush puppy. The mother suddenly discovered that her daughter seemed to sleep much quieter last night, something she had never done since sleeping in separate rooms. Why is there such a situation? Is it a coincidence? This is probably the unique difference between plush toys from other toys. So, what will the plush toy actually bring to the child? Harry Harlow: Flannel Mother Experiment In the experiment of American psychologist Harry Harlow, the experimenter took a newborn monkey baby away from the mother monkey and fed it alone in a cage. The experimenter made two mothers for the baby monkeys in a cage. One is the mother made of metal wire, who often provides food to the baby monkey; the other is the flannel mother, who is motionless on one side of the cage. Surprisingly, the monkey baby walks to the wire mother to eat food only when he is hungry, and spends most of the rest of the time on the flannel mother. Stuffed things such as security plush toys can actually bring happiness and security to children. Comfortable contact is an important part of children's attachment. We often see some children who have to put their arms around a plush toy before going to bed at night, or must be covered with a plush blanket to sleep. If the plush toy is thrown away, or covered with other cloth quilts, they will be irritable and unable to sleep. We sometimes find that some big treasures always like to walk around with their plush plush toys after their younger brothers or sisters are born, even if they eat. That's because plush toys can, to a certain extent, make up for the child's lack of security. In addition, often contact with plush toys, that soft and warm feeling, psychologist Eliot believes that contact comfort can promote the development of children's emotional health. In addition to the sense of security, plush things such as plush toys can promote the development of tactility in young children. When a child touches a plush toy with his hand, the tiny fluff touches every inch of cells and nerves on the hand. The softness brings happiness to the child and also helps the child's tactile sensitivity. Because the neural tactile corpuscles (tactile receptors) of the human body are densely distributed in the fingers (the tactile corpuscles of children’s fingers are the densest, and the density will decrease with age), the other end of the receptors is connected to the brain, and it is frequently energized. Helps improve the brain's cognition and strain on the outside world. This effect is actually the same as that of a baby picking up small beans, but the plush will be more delicate. Although the plush toys are good, they can't replace the love of parents. Even so, no matter how good the plush toys are, they are not as good as the warm embrace of parents. Although soft toys can help children's emotional development, they are like the difference between the sea and a scoop of water compared to the security and emotional nourishment that parents bring to children. If a child has been neglected, abandoned or abused by his parents since childhood, no matter how many plush plush toys are given to the children, their emotional defects and lack of security still exist. I remember reading a true foreign story many years ago: a local American child, holding a plush toy dog, fell asleep on a flowerbed by the roadside. From the appearance, the child suffered from Down syndrome. Judging from his height, the child probably There are 6 or 7 years old. When everyone asked where his parents were, the child kept shaking his head and said awkwardly: I only have a dog (a plush toy), and my mother is gone... I'm looking for my mother... Not long after the police came, but the child didn't want to go, saying no matter what How to find a mother. In the end, a kind-hearted policewoman coaxed the child to say that she was his mother, and gently touched his cheek, and the child followed. The child was finally adopted by the policewoman. Therefore, if you want your children to be well, parents should love their children from the bottom of their hearts, and often hug and touch their children, which will bring happiness and security to the children, as well as benefit their emotional development. When children want to play with plush toys and like plush toys, parents should not stop and refuse (except for children who are allergic to plush toys, and don’t forget to clean them often). It is said that children who often play with plush toys, they His emotions are more delicate and his personality is more gentle. Only when seeds have land can they thrive; only when children have a sense of security can their potentials be realized. Plush toy, did your child hold it today? The author of 'Kids Talk' is a psychological counselor, a second-born mother, focusing on parent-child psychology, and a cartoon imitated from his son's storybook.

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