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What is the batch production process of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-11

There are many friends who want to know the production process of plush toys, so today I will share with you a set of conventional custom production process. 1. Generate demand. Contact manufacturers and customers who want to customize and produce plush toys. For example, companies want to customize a mascot that represents their own image, mass-produce event souvenirs, and look for toy manufacturers and so on. After the need to produce plush toys is generated, the next step is to find a suitable toy manufacturer. The raw materials for making plush toys are determined by the toy itself, including various fabrics, various levels of filling cotton, and specially customized small accessories. The raw materials we choose are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, with quality assurance. 2. Provide the manuscripts that need to be produced or provide design ideas. Customers provide the pictures or design drafts that need to be processed and produced. At the same time, indicate the size, material requirements, fillers, and the quantity of goods to be calculated by the platemaker. If there is no design manuscript and you want to customize, we will arrange professional designers to design products according to the ideas provided by customers. 3. After confirming the design draft and the sample, the designer will make a product rendering based on the draft. When the customer views the renderings, if there is any need to be modified, the designer can clearly modify the shape and standard according to the requirements. After confirming the artwork, the factory will open a sample mold to make a physical sample for the customer to confirm. 4. The customer proposes a modification opinion After the customer receives the physical sample, if there is any dissatisfaction, he must promptly submit the modification opinion; after the modification is completed, confirm the sample. 5. Confirm the sample. After signing the agreement, both parties finalize the initial sample, and Party A and Party B can sign the production agreement. 6. After the above-mentioned preliminary work is completed for shipment and acceptance, the factory pays attention to start to arrange mass production. After the production is completed, strict quality inspections are performed on the products according to the customer's product quality requirements; the products are shipped according to the logistics and freight methods specified by the customer. Waiting for the customer to successfully receive the goods, the entire customization process is completed. 7. The end of the order After regular return visits to complete the delivery of the bulk goods and the settlement of the payment, the order is ended. After the order is over, we will visit regularly. We have a complete after-sales service system and are committed to providing customers with quality assurance services. The above is the conventional customization process shared by the editor. Friends who have the customization needs of plush plush toys are welcome to consult.

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