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What is Plush Toys or Plush Stuffed Toys

What is Plush Toys or Plush Stuffed Toys


Plush Toys or Plush Stuffed Toys, it’s made of plush cloth or other textile material and stuffing with different filler. Have the nature of soft, fluffy and lovely toy. Generally be made into Animal shaped, also there are human shaped plush toys, all of animation, comic, anime is popular theme. Teddy Bear can be considered a kind of plush toy. All of them generally be put in claw crane, also can be seen in living in adornment.

The classify of Plush Toy

According to producing trait of plush toy, the products basically with filler, so generally can be called plush stuffed toys, depends on whether toy can be filled or not, can be called plush stuffed toy or unstuffed toy. According to them be made by different cloth, they can be called plush stuffed toy, velvet stuffed toy, velour stuffed toy and so on. According to toy’s shaped, they can be classified with stuffed animal toy, holiday gifts, plush doll or home decorations.

Plush Toy

Popular Category of Plush Stuffed Toy

With the consumers’ like, plush stuffed toys have such these popular category for different target population. The most common styles are stuffed animal toys and plush animation toy, according to that animals which people like, they can be called plush bear, plush rabbit, plush cat, plush dog or plush teddy bear toys and so on. The animation toys generally be designed from anime characters, and be made into simulation plush toys. And according to different of fillers, there are stuffed PP cotton toys or stuffed foam particle toys.

Plush Stuffed Toy

Toy’s producing process

Even seems like a small simply products, have such these process: Cutting-Sewing-Filling-Hand Working-Checking-Packing-Shipping. The material usually use soft cloth, velboa, velour, tricot, felt, cotton cloth or some other ingredients. It’s the principal factor to reduce cost for rational design, compose and using of modern equipment. Then finally to make products which satisfied with customers.

Plush Stuffed Toys

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