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What is a plush toys GRS global recovery standards

by:YouRun     2020-11-11
Global environmental protection consciousness gradually enhanced in recent years, all walks of life pay more and more attention to environmental protection, because we all know, there is only one earth, only attach importance to environmental protection, to protect the earth, so the development of green environmental protection is the current, we need to pay attention to so as plush toys made of plush toy doll factory, should know our plush plush toys industry GRS recyclability of renewable materials, now a lot of foreign customers will be more inclined to have passed the certification of GRS plush doll factory. What is GRS global recovery standard global recovery ( GRS) Is an international, voluntary and comprehensive product standards and rules for recycling content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices and chemicals limited third-party certification requirements, the principle of GRS products need to meet the use of recycled materials is the percentage of the weight of the whole product weight & ge; 20%, it is in view of the supply chain manufacturer to product recycling, and regulatory chain control, regenerative composition, principle, from raw material suppliers, chemical processing, yarn, textile, printing and dyeing, production environment, product and trade companies throughout the supply chain need to be regulated, the purpose is by recycling raw materials and products, increase product in the use of recycled materials, to eliminate the damage its production and reduce the waste of the global fashion industry.
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