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What information should be clear about plush toys

by:YouRun     2021-04-01
Plush toys, with their cute appearance and soft and smooth feel, are loved by adults and children, regardless of gender. Plush toys are a companion of children in their childhood and an essential artifact for adults to relieve stress and relax their mood. However, in recent years, the frequent safety accidents caused by plush plush toys have caused a big blow to plush toys. Various 'criminals' continue to appear, such as gentle killers, virus carriers, pathogens, and so on. The reason is that some unscrupulous profiteers did not strictly implement the production standards and chose inferior and toxic materials in order to make huge profits, or some buyers did not know how to maintain and clean the plush toys after they bought the plush toys, causing the plush toys to hide Lots of bacteria and mites. As a modern savvy consumer, how to choose plush toys correctly and efficiently? First of all, be seated. If it is for children, choose the plush toys that suit them according to their age and personality. For example, for babies under two years old, you can choose brightly colored plush toys that can make various sounds, which look the best It's so intuitive and exaggerated. It's more cartoonish. It's not suitable to choose too big or too small plush toys. Then, firstly identify whether the structural fabric of plush toys is safe, whether it fades, whether it is shed, whether it is smooth and soft, whether it is elastic, whether the small accessories are firm, whether the workmanship is fine, whether the label information is complete and clear... ····Every detail cannot be ignored. Although the relevant departments have increased their efforts to detect and monitor plush toys, it is inevitable that there will be fish that slip through the net. Be careful to sail the ship for thousands of years, and safety issues cannot be ignored. Finally, after shopping for plush toys, remember to take good care of them. Clean regularly and stay away from fire, food and beverages, damp places and other places or objects that may harm the plush toys. Let the plush toys bask in the sun during free time, which can effectively inhibit the breeding of germs and mites. At the same time, you can also pay more attention to some articles and public accounts of plush toys.
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