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What happens when a soft toy encounters salt?

by:YouRun     2021-03-26
Coarse salt can be seasoned, disinfected, sterilized, can wash kitchen utensils to remove oil stains, and can prevent moisture... Many things seem to have nothing to do with coarse salt, but they are constantly cut with coarse salt, which is messy. Plush toys are also one of them. If you are interviewing on the street now, what is the relationship between plush toys and salt, it is estimated that many people will shake their heads and wonder, and even ask you, what is the relationship? So what is the relationship between soft plush toys and salt? What chemical reaction will happen when soft toys encounter salt? If you want to know what it is, you must first know a big problem after buying a plush toy-the cleaning problem. Because plush toys are different from other toys, the main raw materials are plush fabrics and stuffed cotton. Although plush toys are soft and comfortable, they are not resistant to dirt and easy to get dust. They are also a breeding ground for various microorganisms such as mites, molds, and bacteria. The dirt on the surface can still be seen with the naked eye, but the hidden bacteria are a hidden danger for us. But what does this have to do with coarse salt? Let's do an experiment first. Buy a large packet of salt that is coarse salt, put the coarse salt and the dirty stuffed toy in a larger plastic bag, then tie the bag tightly and shake it vigorously, you will surely find that the stuffed toy becomes clean , At the same time, you will find that the coarse salt taken out turns gray-black. This method actually makes use of the adsorption effect of salt (ie sodium chloride) on dirt. Since coarse salt has a strong disinfection effect, it not only cleans the toys, but also effectively kills bacteria and viruses. This method is more suitable for large plush toys and plush toys that can make noises and cannot be washed. This method does not wash with water, so you no longer waste energy to rub, especially when it is cold. Reminder, remember to pat the plush toy in an open place after taking it out of the bag, so that all the coarse salt can come out. Recommended reading: How to clean plush toys How to maintain plush toys
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