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What are the specific advantages of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-28
There are many kinds of toys nowadays. There is a dazzling array, but there are very few children who can really like it. Most of the toys are either broken or dismantled by the children, or they are outdated in the bottom of the box or eliminated and discarded. Otherwise, the children are only interested in plush toys for three minutes and no longer interest in a few days. Only plush toys have always been loved by children. For many adults, plush toys are just a kind of embellishment and decoration, such as a meter of sunlight running in from the window, which warms the entire room and adds a touch of warmth to the room. For many children in the family, it has a special meaning. But what are the magical effects of plush toys? Efficacy 1: It has a good soothing and soothing effect. For example, for a baby who is not easy to fall asleep, you can consider putting a plush toy next to him when you coax him to sleep, let him hold, touch or pat, so as to calm the child's emotions and relax him. When a child owns a plush toy, the child will think of the plush toy as his own family, and will slowly listen to his secrets, or obediently play a role assigned by the child. Or in a sense, the plush toy has also become the baby's first mirror, and he will project all his emotions on it. When one day you see your child behave roughly towards the stuffed toy that he really liked, maybe this is exactly when he needs to express and vent his pressure and emotions, don't stop him. After he vents, communicate with him slowly. Efficacy 2: It is a great help for children's language training. One of the children's favorite and sure to play games-play house. When children are playing, they will say words to the stuffed toy from time to time, as if they are 'talking' to the toy. Don't underestimate this mode of communication. It gives the child the opportunity to express meaning using language. At this time, if parents can participate and play with their children, not only can they induce him to speak more, but they can also guide him in vocabulary and expression skills, and strengthen his ability to master language. Efficacy 3: Conducive to children's sensory development. Plush toys can encourage children to use their senses to touch the world. For example, colorful colors stimulate their vision, crisp and sweet sounds stimulate their hearing, and soft and elastic inner fillings stimulate their sense of touch, helping them to coordinate with various sensory responses on their bodies to touch and interact. Know everything in this world. Different plush toys are effective tools to assist children in understanding the world. Efficacy 4: Coordinating children's physical functions. Children's hand-foot coordination, hand-eye coordination and other physical functions need to be trained and gradually established. Plush plush toys are one of the best training tools. For example, when children put a bunch of plush plush toys in various shapes, in addition to using their minds, they also need to cooperate with the functions of their hands. Therefore, plush toys have very good benefits for children's muscle activity and physical function development.
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