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What are the special creative toy gifts? Tell you!

by:YouRun     2020-11-08

creative toys gifts, generally refers to the creative sex toy itself, or is the toy is very unique, very has the design feeling and aesthetic feeling, also or is this toy very whimsy, can give a surprise gift receiver. Creative toy gifts are special customized gifts, unique, do not fall convention. An ideal creative toys gift for the donor and the recipient can express some special wishes, convey some kind of special information, at the same time also can show the sender's unique taste and heart. Such as creative heating insulation plush toys, such as fatigue, periarthritis of shoulder, arthritis, female dysmenorrhea relief effect, buy to send his girlfriend, must high satisfaction.

in the way of creative toys gifts and conventional gift compared with unique:

first, creative toys &gifts 'originality', is the core theme of conventional present focus is on the practicality, in addition to meet the practical and creative gift, must have the appearance of the toy and functional aspects of the creative and bright spots, must have the playability, such as intelligent robot, escort to anime 'super flash' inside 'rodek' and 'small love' as the prototype, the function is very powerful, ability will be many, for example: reverse study, idioms solitaire, children's calculator, weather query, ask questions, general knowledge, chinese-english translation, children chatting, singing and telling stories, poems, etc. And most importantly, it can also be through WeChat public number and cell phone bound, after the success of the binding can interact with WeChat friends to chat, anytime, anywhere can send WeChat messages to family members, friends, even if the parent errands, can also use this super flash electric smart toys anytime and anywhere keep in touch with their baby, promote the emotional communication, accompany children grow up healthy and happy!

second, the birth of every creative toy gifts have the designer's work and inspiration, there are a lot of art things hidden inside. Moreover, the combination of creative gift stress function, and many have a variety of functions, set ornamental and practical, creative toy gifts has the uniqueness and the market scarcity, it can't mass production just like any other gifts, because of this, the price of creative toys gifts are higher than the general gift.

in the end, creative toy gifts are the main consumer groups of ten to forty stage of urban population, the phase of the frontier people thought, curiosity is strong, easy to accept new things, to have higher demand to the living environment, and, more importantly, this stage people also have enough economic strength to consumption creative toy gifts.

toys, focus on intelligent toy 18 years, make full use of modern science and technology, to create a variety of creative toys! Products have six series: preschool education series, puzzle series, entertainment, youth series, smart series, health series, more than 100 varieties, covering voice-activated toys, video recording toys, toys, music toys, electric toys, intelligent toys, WIFI toys, toys, cloud APP toys, products not only novel beautiful, generous and practical. Send children, send girlfriend, send the elderly all right!

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