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What are the questions about the purchase of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-04-26

When discussing how to buy plush toys, the first thing many people think of is the shape of plush toys. They think that as long as they look good, of course, some people will also talk about price. In modern times, you don’t just need to buy things. Do you need to pay attention to cost performance? So is it really so easy to buy plush plush toys? Below, I will bring you the knowledge of buying plush toys. Have you considered these issues? 1. Is the age appropriate? I don’t know if you have noticed that many toys today have age requirements, and on the labels of many toys, they have begun to have a suitable age for play, and our plush toys also have a suitable age group. Generally speaking, out of consideration for the child’s safety, we recommend that you buy stuffed toys for your child after he reaches one year old. 2. Does the shape look good? Nowadays, the shape of plush toys can be described as strange and strange. When we buy plush toys, of course we also need to consider the problem of shape. Generally speaking, we need to start from children's innocent and lively aesthetics and choose toys that are more in line with their aesthetics. 3. Is the filler environmentally friendly? There has been news on the Internet that plush toys are not suitable for children and will cause children’s allergies. I believe many of my friends have heard of this, right? In fact, the culprit for these is not the plush toys, but the black cotton used by unscrupulous merchants. They use waste materials containing bacteria, mites, and chemical components as the stuffing for the plush toys, which makes the plush toys on their backs. Infamous! Therefore, when we buy plush toys, we must look at the inner fillings. Generally speaking, the best filling is environmentally friendly PP cotton. 4. Are the accessories stable or not? For a good plush toy, in addition to the filling material is good enough and environmentally friendly, the accessories must be stable enough. The accessories we are talking about here are the eyes and nose of the plush toy, the buttons on the body, the hairpins for the hair, etc. Generally speaking, when we buy stuffed toys, we also need to check whether these things are installed firmly, because many children have the bad habit of stuffing things into their mouths. If these things are not stable enough and the children eat them by mistake, The consequences are unimaginable. The above is the summary of the four major issues that need to be considered when buying plush toys, so when you are shopping, have you considered it well?

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