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What are the professional vocabulary of the plush toy industry?

What are the professional vocabulary of the plush toy industry?


Each industry has its own industry terminology, and the plush toy industry also has many different names and industry terms. Today YouRun Plush Toys manufacturer will tell you what professional terminology the plush toy manufacturer has for the plush toy doll industry.

Common professional vocabulary in the plush toy industry

1. The name of the plush toy

Cloth toys are collectively referred to as plush toys, but for different plush toy manufacturers, the names of plush toys of different crafts are different, including: plush dolls, plush dolls, plush dolls, stuffed toys, stuffed toys Animal toys, stuffed dolls, soft toys, stuffed dolls, rag dolls, etc.

  2. Materials

The fabrics commonly used in the plush toy industry are called crystal super soft, long plush, short plush, etc. For some categories of materials, some special terms will be used, such as:

Plush height--refers to the thickness or height of the yarn or fur behind

Density of Plush Density-The density of plush is the key to whether there will be hair loss. The basis weight also varies with the density of plush.

Man-made fibers--usually used to make artificial fur, used to make plush toys, or stuffed plush toys.

Filling--refers to materials used to fill toys, usually man-made fibers, cotton, straw, kapok, plastic granules or beans.

3. Accessories

Crystal eyes, flocking nose-customized to make the plush toys more realistic.

4. Identification

Hangtag--A label attached to a toy that contains information such as the toy's manufacturing location, company logo, and address.

Woven label-a cloth label attached to a toy with information such as the toy's brand identity.

5. Internal file categories of toy manufacturers

RN or Registration Number-Textiles are required to have a registration number on the label.

FOB-is the acronym for the goods on board, meaning that the buyer pays for the transportation of the goods (stuffed toys), overseas factories often quote from their port cities, and it is still your responsibility to import the goods into the United States or your own country (If you are an international customer).

NDA Confidentiality Agreement-Participate in the discussion of the agreement between all parties, and represent all parties in the discussion to protect all parties' previous agreements.

Prenatal samples--pre-production samples

Minimum order quantity-the minimum quantity for a customized factory to produce a product.

plush toy

Points to note when choosing a plush toy

Quality standard of plush toys:

1. Standards for the safe use of manual needles

A. The manual needle cannot be inserted directly on the toy. It must be pulled out of the needle and placed on a fixed soft bag.

B. Another needle must be found when the needle is broken. Toys that cannot be found must be searched through the probe, and then reported to the supervisor through the two needles for new needles.

C. Only one working needle can be issued per hand.

2. The accessories on the toy, such as glasses, nose, buttons, scarves, bow ties, flower bows, etc., must be fastened and nailed, not loose, and meet the pull requirements, to prevent children from accidentally pulling off and eating, resulting in danger.

3. All fabrics, fillers, accessories, and no toxic chemicals of plush toys can prevent poisoning of children's tongue licking.

4. The cotton filling must reach the required weight. The mouth filling must be full. After filling, the toy cannot be deformed. The effect requires a full image and a soft hand.

5. The duty of the hair dryer is to blow off the broken wool and plush on the toy, and it is required to work completely and thoroughly, especially the face and ears of the toy.

6. The bag must be checked during packaging, and there must be no metal objects such as scissors and drills.

Two principles for choosing plush toys

Tips from YouRun Plush Toys manufacturers: When choosing plush toys, you can follow the following two principles.

The first principle: security

According to the survey, the number of accidents caused by playing toys every year is increasing year by year. Safety is undoubtedly the first consideration when choosing toys. When choosing toys, you can use "soft and hard sets of standards."

The so-called soft standard is to understand the quality of toys through observation and touch. For example, when choosing a building block toy, hold it with your hands to see if the corners are rounded, observe whether the paint will come off, how shiny it is; whether the plush toy will shed hair; whether the plastic toy has a texture in your hand and is easy to deform .

The so-called hard standard, that is, whether the toy has passed the national mandatory product certification standard, whether there is a "CCC" mark, and also includes whether the toy is marked with information about the manufacturer or seller and the product.

Second principle: educational

Stuffed toys can not only bring babies endless fun, but also have important significance for the improvement of attention, the development of sensory abilities, and the achievement of sense of accomplishment and confidence. Therefore, the plush toy has important educational significance while satisfying the baby's emotional pleasure. Nowadays, the market is full of all kinds of educational toys, but not all are "intellectual". Some toys that are too expensive, elaborate, and have a single gameplay are not conducive to the development of intelligence. The toys with real educational value are often Those relatively easy to find, low structure, reusable materials, such as building blocks, plasticine, sand, paper, etc.

The above is the relevant knowledge about plush toys. If you want to know more information about plush toys, please contact YouRun Plush Toys manufacturer.

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