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What are the principles of parents children education toys to buy?

by:YouRun     2020-11-13

in today's rapid development in science and technology, people's living level is increased greatly, relatively the children's conditions more superior, when to buy baby toys, many platform will recommend mothers on the wide variety of tall, beautiful toys. Truly speaking, the wide variety of toys to attract is mom is not a baby, restrained desire, they can better realize the baby needs. This paper toys to share: parents buy what are the principles of preschool education toys?

to buy baby preschool education toys, to clear the following principles:

1. Your company is more important than preschool education toy itself;

2。 Play is more important than the toy itself in early childhood toys ( Toy is a complex cool but play with the worst single, simple is the best plush toys but play, the other poor toys are often very large occupies a space, delicate and simple toys does not occupy a space) ;

3。 Tool fun than toys, daily necessities fun than a toy. So on the basis of considering the baby safely imitation commodity or daily tool toys will be better than the other toys to play;

4。 Preschool education toys don't have to buy more, touch the beautiful sheep sheep several classic enlightenment is sufficient, in fact, sometimes even no plush toys, no props, can also play games.

5。 to children bring happiness, don't always think through what toys can learn what skills or knowledge, don't be too utilitarian.

6。 Picture books ( For the baby, big baby books! ) Want to buy more, this is worth you spend more than toys.

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