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What are the most popular plush toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-05

in late autumn, the weather is getting cold, all sorts of fluffy item also became popular, plush toys, except for the children to play in the bedroom also can rise to decorate action, so a lot of friends began asking 2018 of the most popular of plush toys have? Next, small make up recommend a few to 2018 of the most popular of plush toys. 2018

what are the most popular plush toys? Among them, the cute lovely doll is favored by a lot of sister, whether it's used as a pillow or decoration, it is very good choice.

a doll plush fabrics, texture is soft and delicate, feels warm, very comfortable. The feather silk filled inside the material such as cotton, pp cotton, full, full, in her arms, very soft.

1。 The elephant plush toys. The stuffed toy has adopted the elephant's modelling design, cute and lovely image. And short plush fabrics, not only shed hair not easily, and soft and fine. Neri PP cotton stuffing, fluffy, appear more solid.

2。 The bear plush toys. The little bear doll chose comfortable plush fabrics, soft close skin. The inside is filled with PP cotton, modelling the three-dimensional full, in her arms very soft comfortable.

3。 Hu and plush toys. Remember the catch demon 'in the small demon demanded whiskers wang ba? Lovely a plush toys. Its vivid image, the soft of lovely, can capture a lot of girls heart.

4。 Cartoon plush toys. This is a children's book 'my first mini picture book' cover photo, creative sense of a plush toys, three different shape and beautiful color, put in the home can add a lot of vitality.

2018 what are the most popular plush toys to share more than a few, more various animal plush toys, cartoon toys, can look for the toy manufacturers professional custom, can according to your requirements custom make you satisfied all kinds of plush toys.

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