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What are the most common hazards caused by plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-24

In the past two years, as plush plush toys have become more and more popular, there are more and more black materials on the market. Many claims about plush toys harm children are endless, and some even come up with truth. As evidence. Of course, we cannot deny that plush toys do have certain safety risks, but this safety risk is not limited to plush toys. of different materials have different types of risks for children. So what are the most common hazards caused by plush toys? After understanding these potential dangers, perhaps everyone knows how to face them calmly! The first type: plush toys that provoke dust, as the name suggests, are toys with a lot of fluff on the surface. Although this toy is comfortable to touch and warm to hold, the long fluff is always easy to attract dust, causing a lot of bacteria and dust. Pile up. If these dust and bacteria cannot be cleaned up in time, it will easily lead to allergic reactions in children and even respiratory diseases. The second type: Cross-infection may be because it is too comfortable to hold. In real life, many children like to hold their favorite plush toys all the time. This is the case when they are playing and when they sleep at night. Even when eating. Children can eat differently from adults. They will not take into account the issue of whether the toys will get dirty or not. Their frequent spilling habit will also cause dirt on the plush toys. Over time, the growth of bacteria will easily cause cross-infection. Up! The third type: Although the surface of the plush toy will be covered by a large amount of fluff for sharp objects, it is unavoidable that they will have some harder decorations on their bodies, such as toy eyes, nose, hairpins on the head, and so on. But hard to hard, must not be sharp, if there are sharp ornaments on the toy, parents must pay attention to handling, because these sharp objects are very easy to harm the child. In fact, everyone can see from the above introduction that the reason why stuffed toys hurt children is mostly caused by hygiene and material problems. Therefore, as long as we take care of it diligently, as long as we take care of it, we can choose , Finding high-quality plush toys can also accompany your children well without harming them!

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