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What are the main characteristics of the intelligent toy?

by:YouRun     2020-11-10

what are the main characteristics of the intelligent toy? In this paper, the main characteristic of small make up to share intelligence toys:

1. Intelligent toys both physical objects and intelligent chip components

traditional toys have a physical entity, but a lack of intelligent technology elements, form a single game. And virtual toys based on the screen, although there is a dynamic, rich scene, a variety of ways, but it is a virtual feeling, unable to interact with the entity. Intelligent toys tangible entities, both at the same time also embedded in the high technology of intelligent chip components, will be a variety of innovative elements of science and technology into the traditional toys, enrich the game mode of traditional toys, provide more perfect sense.

2。 Intelligent toys has a variety of perception, can provide rich interaction

but two-way interaction is one of the most important features of intelligent toys. Traditional toys in the human-computer interaction is a simple, one-way. Some electronic toys after open the power supply will repeat play music, repeat a few simple actions, can be choose according to the reaction of the content and form, the gameplay is not much to choose from. Therefore, users will quickly lose interest. Intelligence toys and user interaction is complex, rich, according to the different input can make different feedback. They are with touch, hearing, visual sense of life, can make intelligent feedback to environmental stimuli.

3。 Intelligent toys has the basic 'smart', provide a way to open the game

custom plush toys picked up, due to general microcomputer chip, have a certain intelligence. They can according to user and toy interactive multiple input to calculate, and can through sound, movement and display output devices make a rich variety of feedback. In games or learning, intelligent toy user-centered, activity process is decided by the users themselves. Toys can put forward the proposal to the operation of the next step, but no way to control the game, but only as a tool or the environment, provide support for the games.

4。 Can be preset game task, can be combined and the external scene

the traditional electronic toys, the user to input ( E. g. , by pressing a button) After a simple toys will respond, but not to the operation of the user further request, to further interaction. In fact, electronic toys just using the technology features enhance the attraction of traditional toys, toys and did not give the 'smart'. Intelligent toys can be preset game task, the process is in the process of the default task.

custom plush toys or an effective cognitive tool. It changes the knowledge present way, the concept of integrated gaming learning, making learning resources appear more vivid vivid; At the same time reduce the cognitive load, provides the learners' knowledge construction scaffolding, more creativity learning activities provided the interactive environment.

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