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What are the fabrics plush toys?

by:YouRun     2020-11-12

plush toys for modelling is vivid and lovely, the advantages of soft tactility is enjoyed by people, but do you know the fabric what are the general plush toys? Next, with small make up to get to know.

material has a lot of plush toys, actually more common fabrics include: plush, such as South Korea velvet, peacock velvet, sunflower sheepfold, velvet, flocking, flocking V, T yarn, yarn and do teddy class such as straw, water, steam, such as long general MAO has rich velvet, polar fleece, coral fleece, and so on. Short-staple classes have cut short plush, ultra soft velvet, towel cloth, and so on. Plush toy market one of the most common fabrics should be South Korea, velvet, flocking, V yarn ( The simulation class animal toys more) , the sheepfold velvet, coral velvet, super soft short plush, plush cut, etc. Plush toys of fabrics commonly used for below two kinds of concrete is introduced:

a, short velveteen fabric

short velveteen fabric, do toys inside the finest material, is one of the most fashion fabrics in the world. This kind of fabric surface covered by the stand of villi, villus height general is 1. About 2 mm, smooth suede formation, so called the velveteen.

short velveteen characteristic:

velveteen surface densely covered stands of villi, so soft and good elasticity, soft gloss, the surface is not easy to wrinkle. Hair thick, and the surface villi can form the air layer, thus good warmth retention property.

short velveteen appearance: excellent short velveteen fluffy appearance should reach full upright, level evenly dense, small suede is bright and clean level off, colour and lustre downy, directivity, feel soft, smooth and elastic.

most of this kind of fabric used to make some cartoon characters, plant-based plush toys. Because this kind of fabric of wool cloth with soft nap length is short, it is not easy to drop hair, plant itself does not have hair like animals, short velveteen can better shows the characteristics of plant simulation is high. Anime character, but except for some special cartoon characters.

2, plush fabrics

this kind of fabrics in combination with system line technology and artificial fur, with polyester filament as raw material for the mainstream products, develop new fabrics is a combination of manufacturing technology and artificial fur technology line, the product style is unique, stereo sense is strong. Both can show decorous riches and honour, and can reflect tender and beautiful.

this kind of fabric is mostly used to make the hair more, long animals, such as toy bear, toy rabbits like animals. This can better shows the simulation of plush toys, lifelike degree will greatly improve.

general plush toys what are the main fabric is the two mentioned above, short velveteen and plush fabrics, there are some plush toys in machine as the subject, they can also use short velveteen fabric, but some robots such as image with edge nylon cloth more can reflect the characteristics of the robot. For plush toys fabrics choose, depending on the image of the plush toys are, according to the different image objects, using different wool fabrics.

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