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What are the common problems of plush toys?

by:YouRun     2021-03-29
1. Question: I bought a plush teddy bear on the Internet and found that the hair is messy when I opened it. Why is this? Answer: The plush toy fabrics have been shaped at high temperature (150°-180°). According to conventional plush toys, they are stored in the packaging for a few days. After unpacking, they will naturally be placed for more than 5 hours, and then shaken for a few times and combed to make the rough surface. Natural recovery. However, some plush toys are severely squeezed for a long time during transportation, and the messy hair phenomenon is more serious. Buyers are advised to unpack the plush toy and leave it for 5 hours naturally, then adjust the household iron to a state suitable for cotton, iron it in the direction of the hair, and then gently tap it to solve the problem of messy hair. 2. Question: When I received the plush toy, I found that the head of the plush toy was drooping, the size of the face, the length of the hands and feet, and so on. Answer: The reason is that the plush toy is under the action of external force. Especially the fold (force point) of the plush toy during the packaging and transportation process is squeezed to cause the filling to shift and form a fault, which will inevitably affect the hair. The overall shape of the plush toy. For plush plush toys under 1 meter, it is recommended to gently squeeze the stuffing around or on both sides to the fault area by hand, and then tap a few times to restore the original shape of the plush toy. For plush toys over 1 meter thick, it is difficult to squeeze it by hand. It is recommended to use a long needle or fine woolen needle to stir the filler to return the displaced filler to its original position, and then tap it. For toys, make the stuffing fluffy and maintain uniformity, and then it can be restored to its original shape. 3. Question: After I received the plush toy and took it apart, I found a lot of hairs fell off. What's the matter? Answer: You can grab a handful of the stuffed toy. If only a few hairs fall off, it is normal, because this is the floating hair left during the production process. But if it falls in clusters, don't buy it. This phenomenon means that the selected material of the plush toy is very bad and there is a quality problem. 4. Question: Can the plush plush toys be sun-dried through the glass? Can it be sterilized? Answer: No, if the sun shines through the glass, it will not have any sterilization effect. The main disinfection effect of sunlight is ultraviolet light, because the ultraviolet light in sunlight basically cannot pass through the glass. After the sunlight passes through the glass and then irradiates the 'sun' object, the ultraviolet light that can play a sterilization effect is already extremely large. Part is attenuated, so the use of sunlight for sterilization and disinfection must be direct and unobstructed light. 5. Question: Can plush toys be exposed to the sun for a long time? Answer: No. Generally speaking, a plush toy can be sterilized if exposed to the sun for 10 to 30 minutes. If exposed to the sun for a long time, it may cause the hair to fade. However, the length of exposure time should also be determined according to the intensity of the sunlight. You can also gently tap the plush toy during the drying process to let the hidden dust volatilize. 6. Question: How can I kill the mites in the plush toy? Answer: If the plush toy is washable, it can be soaked in hot water at 60°C for 10 minutes, and a disinfectant can be added. If it is not washable, you can pack it in a black bag and place it under the sun for about an hour. This will have a surprisingly good effect, because studies have shown that the mites will be killed when the temperature reaches 50 degrees. 7. Q: How to prevent skin allergies to plush toys? A: Because plush toys can easily hide various bacteria, molds and mites, long-term contact can cause skin allergies. It is recommended that plush plush toys be washed frequently, preferably once a week. If it is not washable, it can be sterilized by putting it under the sun. At the same time, gently tap the plush toy to evaporate the hidden dust. 8. Q: I bought a plush teddy bear. Why are there some particles in the bottom? What is it? Is it poisonous? Answer: These particles are polyester plastic particles, which are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. The main function of this kind of filling particles is to keep the plush toy in a standing or sitting position. Because the ratio of this filling is heavier than cotton wool, filling on the bottom or feet will lower the center of gravity of the toy and make the toy more stable on a flat surface. 9. Q: Can babies play with plush toys? Answer: Yes, there are plush toys specially designed for babies on the market. They are brightly colored, soft and skin-friendly, and toys such as ringing paper and rattles are also added. There are different plush toys according to different stages, which can exercise the baby's various abilities, promote the development of the brain, and increase the sensitivity of the perceptual organs.
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