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What are the cleaning methods for plush toys? How does it work?

by:YouRun     2021-03-24

At first glance, it looks vivid, cute and cute plush plush toys can always give people a perfect first impression. Not only do they look beautiful, they are also furry to the touch, and they are very comfortable. However, although the first impression is good, its cleaning problem has caused many parents to retreat. Plush toys are not resistant to dirty and difficult to wash, which has become the biggest reason why many people dislike it. Today, I want to introduce to you what are the cleaning methods of plush plush toys, whether to buy plush toys, you may wish to make a decision after reading its cleaning methods! The first: coarse salt dry cleaning method. When it comes to cleaning plush plush toys, I believe that the first thing many friends will think of is the washing method, right? In fact, in addition to washing with water, plush toys can also be dry-cleaned, and the most common method of dry-cleaning is to use coarse salt. Below, we will introduce the steps of the operation in detail: 1. First, we need to prepare some coarse salt, the amount is determined according to the size of the plush toy. In addition, we need to prepare a plastic that is large enough to hold the plush toy. bag. 2. Put the coarse salt and the plush toy into a plastic bag together, then seal the plastic bag and shake it vigorously to ensure that the coarse salt is evenly scattered on the plush toy, the more even the better. 3. Next, we only need to wait slowly. If you observe carefully, you will find that the coarse salt sticking to the plush toys will slowly turn from white to black. At the same time, our plush toys will It's obviously much cleaner. The second method: clean water washing method. If the plush toy is not particularly dirty, if you don’t want too much detergent ingredients left in the plush toy, we can choose a simple clean water washing method, which can be put into the washing machine and directly installed in the laundry Throw the bag into the washing machine for cleaning. If you cannot put it in the washing machine, prepare a basin of warm water at 60°C, soak the stuffed toy in it, and slowly wash it with your hands or a soft brush. The third type: washing with detergent. If the stuffed toy is too dirty, at this time, you can only use detergent. Strictly speaking, the method of washing with detergent is similar to the second method of washing with water. It's just that cleaning agents need to be added during the washing process. The above are the three ways to clean the plush toys for everyone. After reading it, will you choose to buy the plush toys or give up the plush toys?

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