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What are plush toys filler material?

by:YouRun     2020-11-03

as people living standard is higher and higher, plush toys made of consumption has become one of them. Plush toys have not the privilege of children, but a wide range of practical more people, also is a combination of the use function of life associated with people. Soft plush toys and people's understanding of fashion trends, clean her as a gift to friends, make life added a lot of fun. You know what filler material plush toys? How to identify whether shoddy cotton?

although plush toys fill is cotton, but cotton also has many kinds, commonly used have the following kinds:

1, PP cotton

commonly known as: doll cotton, filling cotton, also known as the wadding, material as recycled polyester staple fiber, is a common synthetic chemical fiber, mainly include the general fiber and hollow two kinds, the product has good resilience, bulk degree is strong, feel is smooth, the price is low, warmth retention property good, widely used in filling, clothing, bedding, toys industry. PP cotton is the most commonly used plush toys filler.

2, washing cotton

washing cotton is cotton as raw material, through special processing after further soft fabric surface color, luster, feel softer, and reflected somewhat in the slight wrinkle degree of the feeling of old material. This kind of clothes to wear with washing have variant does not fade, not easily avoid ironing. Good water to wash the surface of cotton cloth and a uniform layer of wool cloth with soft nap, unique style.

3, cotton feather

through special process by different specifications of the superfine fiber production, because like a feather, so called down cotton, also has the most hollow called silk or cotton, the product has light, feel is exquisite, soft, good insulation, not easy deformation, not through the wire.

in addition to the above three, there is a kind of plush toys filler is called a 'dirty' cotton. 'Black heart cotton' generally includes fibrous industrial scraps, medical fibrous waste, recycled fiber, used clothing and other waste materials such as fiber products. These are used to process the raw materials are not accord with the relevant state standards. National shoddy cotton as a filler is strictly prohibited. So how to identify whether shoddy cotton?

to hand over the pure PP cotton feels like touch down jacket, feels very soft and very evenly, won't have any sense of foreign body sensation and hard objects, if hands in any position of the bear pressure, basic can hands together there will be no foreign body sensation, only homogeneous soft cotton. Poor touch is piece by piece, with the hand a touch can have foreign body sensation. Open the back of the zipper, pure PP cotton even took out all the cotton inside are the same as the zipper mouth good cotton, black heart cotton are mostly zipper is a layer of cotton, with a hand down about a few directions tao will show his true colors, full of clothing factory under the Angle expected, mixed with a cloth, thread, packaging line and open the box fell nails, because garment factory don't, so is optional trample on the ground, so it's no surprise to have these things, every day someone come to about two yuan a kilo.

or inquired directly, whether all the PP cotton, you said you will received all take out to see, if not all PP cotton to return, so that if most sell shoddy cotton take out of stock or other excuses not to sell, so can put the 'dirty' before buy toy away.

what filler material above content plush toys? How to identify whether shoddy cotton? Share to this, in fact the most simple method to identify or open the hou cotton is black and gray, and accompanied by a sundry smell, then this must be a 'dirty' cotton, also can seek advice toy manufacturers are not clear.

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